Sunday Morning Men's / Spring 2021

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Sunday Morning Men's / Spring 2021

Post by sixofdiamonds » Mon Mar 29, 2021 1:30 pm

The official Sunday Morning Men's schedule for the Spring 2021 season is now posted. Access the schedule from the main Softball America webpage, call the game line (215-822-8777, option 1 for A and B North Divisions, option 8 for B East, West and South Divisions), or click here... Sunday Morning Men's

I did my best to produce as fair and balanced a schedule as I possibly could while addressing certain manager, umpire, and scorekeeper needs. Not an easy task. Much like fitting the proverbial square peg into the round hole. If you find your team has been slighted in any way, shape, or form, let me know and I will try and make amends in the summer season. All in all I think the Sunday Men's schedule is a thing of beauty.

The A and B North Divisions will play a minimal interleague schedule. Each team in the B North will have 1 game vs. the A Division. The B East, B West, and B South will play within their respective divisions.

A Division
Team 1: Silverbacks
Mgr. Shawn Rush
Team 2: Doom Cats
Mgr. Chris Hackney
Team 3: Demons
Mgr. Steve Stoneback
Team 4: Pigeon Boyz
Mgr. Tom Rider/KC Ingram
Team 5: Philly Fire
Mgr. Harry Davila

B North

Team 6: Dark Horse
Mgr. Ryan Schock/Paul Ferruzzi
Team 7: Wire2Wire Sports Podcast
Mgr. Gene Walczak
Team 8: One Hit Wonders
Mgr. Jack Stepnowski
Team 9: Bulldogs
Mgr. Mike Suda
Team 10: Misfits
Mgr. Rico Jones
Team 11: Dirty Dozen
Mgr. Connie Georgiadis
Team 12: The Yankee Clippers
Mgr. Nicholas Todd

B East
Team 13: MaGerk’s Pub
Mgr. Brian Hilbert/Steve Korpulski
Team 14: Dave & Confused
Mgr. David Graves
Team 15: Hambinos
Mgr. Joe Pizzola
Team 16: Dirt Stars
Mgr. Dan Curran/Myles Davis
Team 17: Morning Wood
Mgr. Matt Greever
Team 18: Palz Tap House
Mgr. Ryan Nakonieczny
Team 19: Birdgang
Mgr. Jason McLaughlin
Team 20: The Hounds
Mgr. Brandon Roman
Team 21: Sunday Scaries
Mgr. John Persing

B West
Team 22: Sons of Pitches
Mgr. AJ Bagushinski
Team 23: Jackhammers
Mgrs. Kevin Rosini/Tom Lydon
Team 24: Isotopes
Mgr. David Ray
Team 25: Philly’s Phinest
Mgr. John Quartullo
Team 26: Hattrick’s Sports Bar
Mgr. Bill Graef
Team 27: HG Coal Fired Pizza
Mgr. Mike Marcelline
Team 28: Pitch, Please!
Mgr. Ray Brittingham
Team 29: SCLSU Mud Dogs
Mgr. Jason Figueroa
Team 30: Cifelli’s Sunoco
Mgr. Mike Cifelli/Sam Ryan

B South
Team 31: Web Gems
Mgr. Arik Fenton
Team 32: D & A Electric
Mgr. Drake Sprouse
Team 33: Spartans
Mgr. Jeff Rivera/Josh Rivera
Team 34: Sticky Bandits
Mgr. Tom Cieri
Team 35: Steam
Mgr. Tyler Fornwalt
Team 36: The Swingers
Mgr. Ben Razzi
Team 37: Hitmen
Mgr. Dennis D’Angelo
Team 38: Lucky Dog Bar & Grill
Ryan McAvey
Team 39: Broad Street Bullies
Mgr. Derek Muhl
Team 40: The Naturals
Mgr. Partha Patel

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