Sunday Morning Men's / Spring 2018

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Sunday Morning Men's / Spring 2018

Post by sixofdiamonds » Fri Mar 30, 2018 7:41 am

The official Sunday Morning Men's schedule for the Spring 2018 season is now posted. Access the schedule from the main Softball America webpage, call the game line (215-822-8777, option 1), or click here... Sunday Morning Men's

Team 1: Maggios
Mgr. Phil Bandini/Chris Beatty
Team 2: Vertex Demons
Mgr. Steve Stoneback
Team 3: Silverbacks
Mgr. Jamal Covington
Team 4: Corradino Chiropractic
Mgr. Jim Bell
Team 5: Doom Cats
Mgr. Chris Hackney
Team 6: Pigeon Boyz
Mgr. Mike Gilbert
Team 7: Goodfellas
Mgr. John Kiefer

B North
Team 8: Insurance Runs
Mgr. Colin Beatty
Team 9: Snipers
Mgr. Kevin Finn
Team 10: Ballz Deep
Mgr. Gene Walczak
Team 11: Bulldogs
Mgr. Mike Suda
Team 12: Dark Horse
Mgr. Paul Ferruzzi
Team 13: X-Phils
Mgr. Andrew Ambruch
Team 14: One Hit Wonders
Mgr. Jack Stepnowski
Team 15: The Yankee Clippers
Mgr. Nicholas Todd

B East
Team 16: Misfits
Mgr. Rico Jones
Team 17: Santucci's
Mgr: Mike Washeleski
Team 18: Dirty Dozen
Mgr. Connie Georgiadis
Team 19: Holding Hands With
Hookers Mgr. Dan Curran
Team 20: Amber Inn
Mgr. David Graves
Team 21: Philly’s Phinest
Mgr. John Quartullo
Team 22: The Tropics
Mgr. Shawn Thome
Team 23: Billy Goats
Mgr. Bill Miller

B West
Team 24: Isotopes
Mgr. Colin Snyder
Team 25: MaGerk’s Pub
Mgr. Brian Hilbert
Team 26: Jackhammers
Mgrs. Kevin Rosini/Tom Lydon
Team 27: Randazzo's Pizza
Mgr. Harry Steglich
Team 28: The Expendables
Mgr. Matt Keller
Team 29: Hattrick’s Sports Bar
Mgr. Bill Graef
Team 30: Baron Von Fritz
Mgr. Brandon Rock
Team 31: Backdoor Sliders
Mgr. Chad Wood
Team 32: SCLSU Mud Dogs
Mgr. Matt Figueroa/Jason Figueroa

B South
Team 33: Hambinos
Mgr. Chris Jennings
Team 34: Hitmen
Mgr. Joe Collins
Team 35: North Whalers
Mgr. Sean McCloskey
Team 36: Legends of the Fall
Mgr. Dennis D’Angelo
Team 37: Maggios
Mgr. Drake Sprouse
Team 38: E’s Irish Pub
Mgr. Mike Van Fossen
Team 39: Spartans
Mgr. Joe Baranski
Team 40: The Sticky Bandits
Mgr. Brian Mish

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Re: Sunday Morning Men's / Spring 2018

Post by blueeyed104 » Fri Apr 27, 2018 2:56 pm

FYI - for Men's teams traveling to CB West, Sunday 4/29, Delaware Valley College is having their A-Day County Fair. Expect heavy traffic in the area.

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