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Sunday Afternoon Coed / Spring 2018

Posted: Fri Mar 30, 2018 7:42 am
by sixofdiamonds
The official Sunday Afternoon Coed schedule for the Spring 2018 season is now posted. Access the schedule from the main Softball America webpage, call the game line (215-822-8777, option 2), or click here... Sunday Afternoon Coed

American Conference
Team 1: Knobs & Knockers
Mgr. John Kiefer
Team 2: Outback Steakhouse
Mgr. Bill Stone
Team 3:
Mgr. JJ Wunderlich

National Conference
Team 4: Buckingham Flooring
Mgr. Bob Clark
Team 5: Long Shots
Mgr. Ben Soler
Team 6: I’d Hit That
Mgr. Vanessa Calero
Team 7: Wackers
Mgr. Connie Georgiadis
Team 8: JT Bankers Saloon & Eatery
Mgr. Rich Cordisco 215-679-7073
Team 9: Hit and Run
Mgr. Neal Hebert
Team 10: Alaskan Bullworms
Mgr. Calvin Starosta

B East Division
Team 11: The Bottom Pitches
Mgr. Nicole Mahaffey
Team 12: Team Hunt
Mgr. Anthony Hunt
Team 13: Masterbatters
Mgr. Bill Hapenovich
Team 14: Cleanin’ Up
Mgr. Carol/Mike Yannuzzi
Team 15: Hattrick’s Sports Bar and Grill
Mgr. Caitlyn Rinker
Team 16: Fightin O’s
Mgr. Michelle James
Team 17: Slap a Pitch
Mgr. Kevin Riffel/JR Hilsee
Team 18: Jerzees
Mgr. Mark Sudell

Re: Sunday Afternoon Coed / Spring 2018

Posted: Mon Apr 16, 2018 10:31 am
by sixofdiamonds
The postponed games from yesterday, April 15th, have been rescheduled. With a 6-week regular season, there isn't too much wiggle room with respect to rescheduling. I did the best I could to accommodate as many wants and needs as possible. The revised schedule is now posted online.

Please note: The 13 vs. 16 game was official - abbreviated, but official. Be that as it may, the schedule has been revised once again. Sorry for the confusion.