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Friday Evening Men's / Fall 2018

Posted: Sun Sep 23, 2018 7:20 am
by sixofdiamonds
The official Friday Evening Men's schedule for the Fall 2018 season is now posted. Access the schedule from the main Softball America webpage, call the game line (215-822-8777, option 7), or click here... Friday Evening Men's

We will be using the Stover Park ball field and the School Road Park ball field in Hatfield. Each team will play 1 traveling double header.

Team 1: Benchwarmers
Mgr. Steve Dariano
Team 2: Dirty Dozen
Mgr. Connie Georgiadis/Jamie Glennon
Team 3: Shockers
Mgr: Evan Porter
Team 4: Nine Inch Males
Mgr. Bob Hartzell
Team 5: The Deplorables
Mgr. Tom Banes
Team 6: Sons of Pitches
Mgr. Dan Lutz

Re: Friday Evening Men's / Fall 2018

Posted: Wed Oct 10, 2018 6:43 pm
by sixofdiamonds
Friday Men’s Managers,

I received a call today from Telford Borough. I was asked if you and your teammates would be kind enough to take any beer bottles or cans with you when you leave. I thought the Borough was very cool in that they realize it’s softball and the guys want to down a few beers during the games. All they ask is you leave with whatever you brought. DO NOT put empty cans or bottles in the trash. TAKE THE WITH YOU! We have a good thing going at Stover. Let’s not blow it.

Hatfield is different in that they do not allow alcoholic beverages of any kind under any circumstances. Please abide by their rules. They were kind enough to allow us use of the field for a few Fridays to help us out. Fridays over there are normally off limits to anyone. Let’s not abuse the privilege they have extended to us.