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Men's League All-Star Cap List

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Men's League all-stars for the upcoming/current softball year have been formulated and are now posted online. For a list of all-stars by year, please see Men's League All-Star Cap List/Yearly below. The main file, Men's League All-Star Cap List/All Players/Current Status, contains a list showing each and every men's league player that received men's league all-star status in one or more years since the inception of the all-star cap. Any player shaded in green was petitioned for and granted release from the list. Please see Petition Guidelines below.

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Men's League All-Star Cap List/All Players/Current Status

All-Star Cap Rule
Not more than 6 all-stars are permitted in a men’s league batting line-up at any given time. If a team is found to have been in default of the All-Star Cap rule, that team will be subject to forfeit if a grievance is lodged with the league before the offending team's next game. All-stars are determined by the league and shall be adjusted yearly. It is the sole responsibility of the men's team managers to maintain a legal men's league line-up with respect to the All-Star Cap Rule. The All-Star Cap List/All Players/Current Status will always be available from the Softball America home page or by clicking the link above.

All-Star Cap List
The men’s league all-star list is a compilation of men’s league players since 2011 whose offensive production has placed them in the upper echelon of players in the men's leagues. This list is used as a guide for the men’s league all-star cap. The size of the men's league all-star list will be directly proportionate to the total number of players playing in the men's leagues.

Men's league all-star status is determined by statistical formula based on offensive production only. The formula is based on RUNC (runs created) divided by G (games played). A minimum of 36 SBA at-bats (including walks) during any softball year is needed to qualify for all-star list consideration.

Any player listed, with the exception of players shaded in green, shall be considered an all-star for the current or upcoming men's softball year. A player that has never played in any Softball America league may enter any men's league as a core player. Softball America shall reserve the right to change a new member's status from season to season if, in the judgment of the league, that member is of obvious all-star ranking.

Petition Guidelines
Managers will have the right to petition the league with regard to a player's all-star ranking at any time if, and only if, that player has NOT become an all-star this year based on last year's merits. If a player on any all-star list is there as a result of his efforts in a year prior to last year, a manager may petition the league in writing to have that player released from the list providing that player qualified last year (36 ABs, including walks) but failed to achieve all-star status. In essence, a player must prove he does not belong on the list by qualifying for and not achieving all-star ranking in a year following their being named an all-star. Not playing for a year or 2, or playing a minimal amount (below the 36 at-bat requirement), shall not be grounds to petition for a player's release from the list. Once all-star status is achieved, the all-star will remain such unless formally petitioned for and granted a release.

All-Star Cap List/Yearly

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