Week 4: 9/6/2022

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Week 4: 9/6/2022

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Game 1: Philly Junk vs. Just Food
Philly Junk starts off hot scoring 7 in the 1st 3 while Just Food can manage just 2 runs. Philly Junk gets doubles from Jason Ashworth and Brandon Birkhead, while Dave Shannon doubles for Just Food. In the final 2 innings, Philly Junk scores 11. Shane Hanna, Mike Bitterlich double, Jeremy Villano triples and Birkhead and Pat Kelley homer. Just Food scores 1 in the last 2 innings, and this game is over early with a Philly Junk win, 18-3.

Game 2: Dookie Brewster vs. Dingers
Dookie Brewster gets 7 runs in the 1st 4 innings while Dingers manage 1. Zach Martin, Rob McKenna, John Erb and Tom Koezler all double for Dookie Brewster. In the final 4 innings, Dingers manage another 2 runs with Connor O'Keefe and Pete Auteri doubling, and O'Keefe adding a triple. With Dookie Brewster adding 6 in the final innings, with Jon Poore doubling and Kyle Rizzi tripling, this game ends in a win for Dookie Brewster, 13-3.

Game 3: Beers vs Fibby Busters
Beers score 8 in the fist 3 innings while Fibby Busters get 10. Doubles come from Ryan Maley, Chris Anhalt, and Connor McFarlane, with Maley also adding a 3-run dinger for Beers. Fibby Busters get it done with doubles from Brett Saverio, Bill Brancato, and subs Jon Poore and Tom Koezler. In the final innings, Beers score another 8 with Maley doubling again along with Josh Goldberg. Triples come from John Hogan and McFarlane. Hogan also adds a solo homerun. With Fibbly Busters only scoring a couple more in the final innings, with Brancato tripling, they'll fall short and Beers will win, 16-12.

Game 4: Kings Corner vs Wire2Wire Sports Podcast
Kings Corner gets 6 in the 1st 4 innings while holding Wire2Wire scoreless in the same. Kings Corner gets a double from Chris Beatty and a triple from Jason Payne. Wire2wIre get on the board in the 5th and go on to score 8 in the next 3 innings, with lots of singles and a double from Brandon Bozek. Kings Corner add two in the next 3 innings, with Matt Schaub tripling and Russell Miller doubling. With the score being tied at 8 after 7, we go to extra innings! Kings Corner strikes 1st in the top of the 8th and get 3 across the plate on Justim Miller's RBI single and Schaub's 2 run homer. Wire2Wire threaten in the bottom of the 8th, but can only plate 1 on Gene Walzczak's RBI single. King's Corner wins in 8, 11-9.
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