Playoffs: 11/1/2022

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Playoffs: 11/1/2022

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Game 1: #4 seed Wire2Wire Sports Podcast vs #1 seed Philly Junk
Wire2Wire score 4 in the 1st 4 innings. Highlights include Jared Fagnono doubling. Philly Junk scores 9 in the same timeframe. Ryan Habel triples and Mike Bitterlich doubles. Wire2Wire will go on to score 4 more in the next 3 innings, with Fagnono blasting a 3 run homer. However, Philly Junk adds 11 more runs in the next 2 innings, with Shane Hanna homering and Bitterlich blasting a 3 run dinger. Jeremy Villano triples, and Pat Kelley and Habel double. Philly Junk wins 20-8 and moves on to the championship series.

Game 2: #2 seed Dookie Brewster vs #3 seed Kings Corner
Kings Corner start out slow and only score 2 runs across 6 innings. Chris Beatty provides the 2 run triple in the 1st. Dookie Brewster bat around in the 1st and ends up scoring 5. They'll add 2 more in the next 6 innings, with Jimmy Craig doubling in a run. going into the 7th inning, Kings corner trails 7-2. They go on a bender and score 7, with a homer from Mat Crowell, triples from Jason Pane and Frank Fusca, and a Nonny double. Dookie Brewster has no answer in the bottom of the 7th, and Kings Corner comes from behind and wins 9-7, moving on to the championship series.
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