Week 11: Quarry Championship 6/14/23

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Week 11: Quarry Championship 6/14/23

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Red Stallion at Wu-Tang Forever
Stallion starts off with 1 thanks to a lead off double by Casey Long. Wu-Tang answers back with 5 runs in the first. Hack starts things with a double and scores on a Goodi long ball. TK follows with a solo shot and small ball tacks on a couple more. Stallion gets 1 back on back to back doubles by Broderick and Kennedy. Wu-Tang goes in order in the second. Stallion takes a temporary lead in the top of the third scoring 4 on singles and errors. Tang answers right back putting up 4 more on a Goodi double, singles, and a TK Sr. 2-RBI double. Stallion closes the gap with 2 in the fourth on singles and errors. Wu-Tang answers yet again with 5 highlighted by a TK grandslam. (shaved bats?) Stallion keeps fighting with 2 in the fifth thanks to triples from Casey Long and Chris Crookham. Wu adds 1 on an error and Peterman double. Stallion quiet in the sixth and Wu-Tang takes advantage adding 3 thanks to a Mr. Porter 3-run bomb. To the seventh and down 8, Red Stallion gets back to back triples from Long and Herbert but ultimately fall short in game 1.
Wu-Tang Forever 18 - Red Stallion 12

Wu-Tang Forever at Red Stallion
Wu-Tang picks up where they left off scoring 6 in the top half of game 2. A lead off triple by Hack, followed by singles, and capped off by a "new knees" basing clearing triple. Red Stallion answers with 4 of their own thanks to a Tom Jacob RBI triple and Brett Broderick double. Both teams quiet in the second. Wu adds 6 more in the third on singles and a Mr. Porter double. Stallion gets 1 back on doubles from Herbert and Gutierrez. 2 more for Wu-Tang on a Goodi double. Stallion closes the gap in the fourth scoring 4 on singles and a Colin Kennedy 3-run homerun. Wu adds 1 on singles. Stallion cuts it to 1 in the bottom of the fifth scoring 5 runs on a Herbert triple and Tom Jacob 2-run homerun. Unphased, Wu-Tang puts up 4 in the sixth on back to back homeruns from Goodi and TK. (must be those shaved bats again 🙄) Stallion can't answer this time as they go quiet in the final 2 innings. Wu adds some insurance with a TK Sr. triple and Greta RBI single in the last to close out the spring championship. Congrats nerds.
Wu-Tang Forever 20 - Red Stallion 14
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