Quarry 8-28-2023 - Championships

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Quarry 8-28-2023 - Championships

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Game #1 – Mott-Ley Crew vs. Wackers

This championship series gets rolling with a sac fly from Anthony Rapposelli and RBI double from Brady Mengel as they take a 2-0 lead. Wackers don’t waste any time and tie the game up in the bottom of the first. Banana Hanna and Billy Brancato go back to back to tie it up. Wackers will take the lead in the second, with a sac fly from Dennis D’Angelo, RBI single from Emily Polcino and RBI single from Doubles Nonny. Crew battle back to take the lead in the fourth after a two run bomb from CJ Motts and two run single from Tom Finn. Wackers would rise up again in the fifth, started by their leader Doubles Nonny. He knocks in a run on an RBI single, but then is driven in by a Banana Hanna two run double. Wackers will put game 1 away with a six run sixth. D’Agnelo grabs two more runs with a single, while Nonny will add two more runs with a double. Wacker’s win 14-6.

Player of the Game
Doubles Nonny (Wackers) – 4/4, 2 2B’s (that’s it?), 4 RBI’s

Game #2 – Wackers vs. Mott-Ley Crew

Wackers grab three right out of the gate on a Brancato fielder’s choice and Dan Vescovi two run double. They come right back to take a 10-0 lead after a D’Angelo RBI single, Banana’s two run double and RBI doubles from Brancato and Jay Pane. Lissa Terca and Alex Freeman also add RBI singles in the inning. Crew, looking defeated, muster up a run on an Ian RBI single, but it’s tough sledding for the rest of the game. CJ Motts adds a solo bomb and RBI single later in the game, but unfortunately the team can’t get anything rolling in this one. Wackers continue to hit as they start their victory lap later in the game. Tercha delivers two more runs on a double, while Tess Frelich adds three RBI’s on a triple and single as they really close this one out. There could have only been one winner today and that winner is Wackers as they lift the Summer Trophy. Wacker’s win 17-5.

Player of the Game
Banana Hanna (Wackers) – 4/4, 2 2B’s, 3 RBI’s

Player of the Week
Banana Hanna (Wackers) – 7/8, 4 2B’s, 7 RBI’s
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