Week 3: 9/26/2023

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Week 3: 9/26/2023

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Game 1: Beers vs Dingers
Beers get 9 in the 1st 2 innings while Dingers can only plate 2. Scott Runzer doubles twice and Ryan Maley and Tim Coleman both triple for Beers. Connor O'Keefe doubles for Dingers. Dingers add 3 in the 3rd. In the 4th, Runzer triples and Josh Goldberg doubles for Beers as they plate 3 in the inning. They'll add 3 more in the 5th with Maley tripling again. Dingers will plate 2 in the bottom of the 5th. Derrick Acker doubles. Dingers add another 3 in the 6th. In the top of the 7th, Beers adds 2 insurance runs on Maley 2-run dinger, and Dingers go down in order in the bottom. Beers wins, 17-11.

Game 2: Philly Junk vs Wire2Wire Sports Podcast
Philly Junk scores 1 on Jason Ashworth's RBI double. Wire2Wire get 2 in the bottom. Philly Junk adds another run in the 2nd while Wire2Wire adds 6. Bill Brancato and Eric Dillon both double, and Tom Signore triples for Wire2Wire. Philly Junk adds another run in the 3rd after Ashworth doubles and Brandon Birkhead knocks him in on a sac fly. Wire2Wire adds 2 more to their lead in the bottom. Sean Butrica doubles. Philly Junk comes alive in the 4th, batting around and scoring 5, while Wire2Wire get just 1 in the bottom. In the 5th, Philly Junk scores 4 and takes the lead 12-11. Evan Porter homers, Ashworth triples, and Shane Hanna doubles. Wire2Wire answers back in the bottom of the 5th, bats around and retakes the lead with 8 runs. Brancato triples and Bill Walker and Gene Walczak both double. Philly Junk threatens and puts up a good effort in the top of the 6th, scoring 5. Hanna homers and both Pat Kelley and Ashworth double. Time runs out and there will be no 7th inning. Wire2Wire holds on to a 2 run lead and wins, 19-17.

Game 3: Kings Corner vs The Commission dba Silly Boys
Commish starts off with back-to-back doubles from Rob Lyons and CJ Motts. Both score. Kings Corner gets yet another double from Sean Nonnemacher and go on to score 3 of their own in the bottom. Commish bats around in the 2nd. Jarrett Kerns, Bryl Villanuvo, and Jon Motts all double. Commish will add another run in the 3rd and 1 in the 4th. Kings Corner doesn't score again until the 6th, where they plate just 1. Commish adds 2 insurance runs in the top of the 7th, with Pat McCauley and Greg Thompson both doubling. Kings Corner adds 1 in the 7th, but it's not enough. Commish wins, 15-6.

Game 4: Shake-N-Bake vs Calcium Cannons
Shake-N-Bake score early and often. They plate 11 in the 1st 3 innings while Cannons get just 1 hit in the same timeframe. Joe Talerico and Dave Shannon both double for Shake-N-Bake. They'll add another 3 in the top of the 4th when Shannon triples and Eric Rosenblum doubles. Calcium Cannons get on the board in the bottom of the 4th on Ian Cuozzo's RBI double. Shake-N-Bake add 4 more in the top of the 5th with Dave Shannon's 4th hit of the night and 2nd double. Calium Cannons get a two out rally going in the bottom of the 5th when Tim Smith and Aaron Heller both triple, but 2 runs isn't enough. Shake-N-Bake wins in 5, 18-3.
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