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Often times a team’s win/loss record will contain 1 or maybe even 2 ties. This creates some standings confusion in that most people don’t know how to compare team records that contain ties to team records that do not contain ties.

The easiest way to look at a situation like this is to give each win, loss, and tie a certain value. To keep things simple, let’s use the standard of one point for a win and ½ a point for a loss.

A tie is both ½ a win and ½ a loss. Half of a win is equal to half of one point (½ point). Half of a loss is equal to half of ½ a point (¼ point). Adding half a win (½ point) and half a loss (¼ point) you get ¾ of a point (½ + ¼).

The Wednesday Coed league has the following standings scenario. This creates a perfect example of how to determine a team's proper place in the standings.

Disabled List (5-3)
Winding Brook Farm (5-3)
Hackert Auto Body (4-2-2)

Using the formula and applying it to the team records listed above, we see that this is a 3-way tie.

5-3 is equivalent to 5 points (5 x 1) + 1½ points (3 x ½) = 6½ points total.
4-2-2 is equivalent to 4 points (4 x 1) + 1 point (2 x ½) + 1½ points (2 x ¾) = 6½ points.
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