Quarry 4-15-19

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Quarry 4-15-19

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Game #1 – Dug Out Demons vs. Andy’s

Demons start this game off strong with three straight singles to get a run on the board. Andy’s go down 1,2,3 in the bottom of the inning. Both teams go down without any runs in the second. In the third, Demons extend their lead to 4-0. Evan Porter did the damage with a two run bomb in the inning. Andy’s come back to take the lead in the fourth putting up five runs in the inning. Jason Pane started the scoring with an RBI triple, followed by Chase Luxton and Ron Pulli RBI doubles. Warren Grant also smacked a two run single in the inning. Demons tie it up in the bottom of the inning. Andy’s struggle late as they only score one more run over the course of the game. Demons needing only a couple down the stretch get hot late and push nine runs across. Sean Przychowiz and Ron Bannister both had 3 RBI’s to help power Demons through this.

Player of the Game:
Evan Porter (Demons) – 5/5, 3B, HR, 3 RBI’s

Game #2 – Carroll’s vs. Sons of Pitches

Pitches get rolling early in this one jumping out and scoring eleven runs across the first two innings. Pete Edger started it with a two run triple and that is followed by three straight RBI hits from Jon Motts, Carl Motts and Jill Beck. Kevin Fink also had an RBI single. Later, they got back to back to back home runs from Chris Edgar, Pete Edgar and Jon Motts. Carroll’s try to fight back getting nine runs across the second and third getting help from Mike Stacey who had two RBI doubles in the effort. The Power game continues for Pitches as in the bottom of the third gets a two run double from P. Edgar, RBI triple from J. Motts and a two run bomb from Carl Motts. Both teams catch fire as Carrolls fight back with another eleven runs. This was helped by 7 RBI’s off the Bat of Bryan Bart who had a Grand Slam and three run home run in back to back innings. Carroll’s take the lead in the top of the sixth going up 22-19 after grabbing a couple runs off a walk and some singles. Chris Edgar brings them to within one with a two run bomb and then C. Motts smacks in two with a two run triple. They take the lead in this one and it will hold as the game ends early due to time limit. Pitches win 23-22.

Player of the Game:
Carl Motts (Pitches) – 4/4, 3 2B’s, HR, 6 RBI’s, walk off triple
Bryan Bart (Carroll’s) – 3/4, 2 HR’s, 7 RBI’s

Game#3 – Carroll’s vs. LA Pools

Carroll’s try and start this game off strong after their late defeat in the previous game as they put up six runs off RBI singles from Patano, Bart, Stacy and Hallie Bilker. Pools match that in the bottom of the first. Greg Lavin had a two run double followed up by a RBI double from Mike Cianfichi. A couple batter’s later, Samantha Grismore smashed a two run single. Both teams score a run in the second. Carroll’s grab a lead in the third after some singles and an RBI double from Greg Lavin. Pools get one back in the bottom of the fourth from Greg Lavin. Carroll’s continue their hot hitting on the day as Lesher smashes a three run homer and Shinkunas smacks another four RBI’s. In the end they push across 15 more runs and they cruise to a victory in this one. Carroll’s win 26-8.

Player of the Game:
Greg Lesher( Carroll’s) – 4/5, 2B, HR, 4 RBI’s

Game#4 – LA Pools vs. Gooey Batters

The last game of the night starts off with Pools looking for some revenge with a win after losing their first game of the night. They start off by batting around a bunch and scoring 29 runs. Glen Hipple had back to back home runs in consecutive at bats. Rich R added four runs on three hits. The whole team was putting on a show here getting most of their production on singles and errors. Gooey Batters really struggled in the field early giving Pools to many outs. Andrew Stoner and Laura Levine go back to back singels to give Gooey batters their first two runs of the game. Pools bat seem to be too much for Gooey late as they continue to drive in runs at will. In the end, Pools push 38 across and win big in this one. Pools win 38-4.

Player of the Game:
Glen Hipple (Pools) – 2 HR’s, 5 RBI’s

Player of the Week
4/4, 3 2B’s, HR, 6 RBI’s, walk off triple

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