Fall - Week 1 - 8/27/19

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Fall - Week 1 - 8/27/19

Post by latincontrol » Wed Sep 11, 2019 7:57 am

Tuesday Mens – 2019 Fall Season Opener

Game 1: Coal Fried Pizza v. Vertex

Playing at the Quarry with 9 players is never a fun feat, but not an impossible one altogether. Justin Gaumer tripled home a run in the 3rd while Brendan Parker doubled home 2 runs in the 5th inning. Brendan would later drive in another run in the 6th as CFP scored 8 times.

For Vertex, Keith Crowell homered in the 2nd and Shane Hanna tripled home 3 runs in the 3rd. The real damage for Vertex was done in the 6th inning. Tom Egitto doubled home 2, Justin Miller tripled home 2 more, Shana Hanna drove in his third run with a double and Matt Shaub doubled home 2 more. All said and done, Vertex won 15-8.

Game 2: Beers v. Cale’s Pale Ales

For Cales, Ryan Maley homered in the 1st. Ryan then tripled home 2 more runs in the 2nd inning and he later doubled two more times while driving in an additional run. Matt Kane had a 2-run triple in the 6th as Beers plated 14 men.

Cale’s offense all came in the 1st inning. Dave Knox singled home a run while Cale Moser cleared the bags with a double. While Kevin Raymond and Dave Knox scored in the 2nd and 5th respectively, the 6 runs in the first inning would be the only damage they’d cause. Beers took the game 14-8.

Game Three: Team Horsham v. Mike’s Bar & Grill

Team Horsham also went in to the night playing with a 9-man squad. Matt Glasso had himself a nice night going 3-5 with two triples, scoring 3 times and driving in 3. Vince Paon went 3-3 with 5 rbi and 2 runs scored, he homered in the 4th. Eric Daley doubled home 2 in the 6th as Team Horsham plated 15.

Mike’s got a 2-run tripled from Dave Shannon in the 1st inning. Add that to 3 walks in the inning and it helped push 4 men across. Tony Stuart had a big 2-run single in the 4th helping push 3 more runs across. After scoring 3 in the 5th, Mike’s needed just 2 runs in the final inning to keep the game going or 3 for a walk-off. Never happened. They lose, 15-13.

Game Four: Team Horsham v. Dingers

Horsham looked to salvage the 2nd game of their twin bill. Vince P had a 2-run single in the 1st, Adam L had his 2-run single in the 2nd, Dan L with an rbi double in the 3rd, Mike B with an rbi triple in the 4th, Mike B again with an rbi triple...this time in the 5th and Adam L and Matt G both drove in runs in the 6th. Horsham plated 14 men.

Dingers…ALSO went into the night shorthanded, but fared well. Anthony Casselli with a 4-5 night including 4 runs scored and 2 rbi. Connor O’Keefe with a 3-5 night which included 4 rbi and 2 runs scored. Luke Rossi scored 3 times and finished with 25 runs on the board taking the game easily.

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