week 3 9-25-19

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week 3 9-25-19

Post by MixedNutz610 » Wed Oct 09, 2019 6:03 pm

Wed nights stay lit and game one kicks off with a BANG.

Game 1 Turtles vs TGIF

Turtles are away for this early game and they get on the score board right off that bat with the first two batters scoring, TGIF goes down in order. 2nd the turtles keep the hits and runs coming as 10 hits with Mike Dura blasting a 2 run homer being the big swing of the inning, they plated 9 runs and lead 11-0. Bottom half TGIF manages a run off a fielders choice. 3rd Both teams are scorless. 4th Turtles go quite again, TGIF gets moving as Ian Cuzzo and Adam Lightkep both hit rbi doubles. 5th Turtles manage a run and TGIF goes silent. 6th Defense has taken over and Turtle power has got weak, TGIF wishes it was friday cause they cant get runs in the bottom half. 7th Turtles get shutdown again. TGIF down big tries to mount a comeback but can only manage 2 runs and loses this one 12-6

Game 2 In Cabinet Finshes vs Turtles

INF Gets off and runnung with Brian Sauers rbi as well as Brian Dart, bottom half Turtles get a sac to score their loan run. 2nd Both teams throw up zeros. top 3rd 4 straight hits get the score moving and 3 runs cross the plate. Turtles cant score again. 4th INF doesnt score, bottom half Turtles score and JACKIE T makes history. Jackie steps up to the plate with no one on and swings and its a long drive back back back its GONE!!!!!!! to cap off a 4 run inning she JACKS the first ever womans homer over the fence at the quarry. 5th INF battles back Shawn Ortman 2 rub double and Brian Sauers 2 run homer cap off a big top half of the 5th. Turtles still fired up come right back and score 3 more runs to keep it close. 6th Scoring keeps happening Tony Oliver blast a 3 run homer to cap off a 4 run inning, bottom half Turtles get little crazy as John Rush hits a homer and 8 more hits and 8 runs score double the output for the game giving them 16. ICF cant score in the 7th and Turtles win the game.

Game 3 Chicos VS Throwdown

Chico's is the away team and they start off going down in order. Throwdown starts off their half with Bryan Peterman RBI and Tom Koelzer 2 run bomb followed by 3 straight extra base hits. Chicos doesnt score in the top of the 2nd, Throwdown continues scoring Alex my knee hurts i cant stop Elmore gets his 2nd hit and rbi of the game. 3rd Chicos steals some bail bonds and goes crazy with 10 hits in the inning plating 9 runs. Throwdown answers by putting up a zero. 4th Chicos gets a run off a error, Throwdown Gets back into the crooked number with "Petey" having the big swing with a 2 run RBI onto the team plating 4. 5th Chico's is relentless as Bill Shipe RBI triple and Larry Kirscher 2 run single as they having another big inning and score 6 for 22 total. Throwdown has some work to do in the bottom half of the inning but cant score. 6th More runs score for Chicos with 7 more hits in the game, Throw down needs a lot of runs and can only manage one off a sac fly. Chico's win big 22-13

Game 4 Throwdown vs Basic Pitches.

Throwdown are away and looking to get the lose and bad taste out their mouths come out firing as Anthony Crawford jacks a 2 run shot, Tom Kolzer Sr gets 2 more rbis off a single, then in his second at bat in the inning Crawford blast his 2nd homer and 3 more RBI and old guy Tom gets 2 more RBI this time off a double. so the top half of the inning ends with with 16 hits and 18 RBIs. 2nd inning they cant score. 3rd inning they get their bats moving again as Tom K blast a 2 run homer and as the team plates 3 more runs. 4th Throwdown cant score. 5th inning Steph F hits a triple for a RBI and throwdown gets 2 more runs for 24 total.
Basic Pitches tries to put a fight up and gets 2 runs in the first off 4 hits. 2nd Basic Pitches get moving again as Jay Cybok 2 run double and Bob Hartzell 2 run triple. 3rd they cant score. 4th they manage a run off a Brian Chester sac fly. 5th they cant score again in the 5th and manage 8 runs in the bottom half and lose this one 24-8

Thats it for wed nights see you next week

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