Quarry 10-24

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Quarry 10-24

Post by shaners30 » Tue Nov 26, 2019 9:44 am

Game 1 Balls Deep vs Vertex

Morgan HR in the 1st adds 2 for BD. Shaub homers in the 2nd for vertex on solo. 5th inning BD gets 3 rbis on Morgan double, Walczak triple scores 1. to cap a 10 run 5th. Reyes scores 1 on a single in the 6th. Vertex starts 7th with walk and few errors. BEatty, Staber, Egitto Nonny all single and RBI. CJ gets 2 across with another single - Shaub RBi single, DeSteph RBI single and Crowell scores the last 2 on yet another single. scoring 12 to tie it up.
BD walk off RBI single by McDevitt.

Balls Deep 14 - Vertex 13

Game 2 Hooligans vs Balls Deep

Jacob solo shot in the 2nd. Koelszer double, RBI by ingram and McCleary to add 2. Beatty socres 1 on sac, Miller RBI single - Bombs 3 run HR caps 5 run 3rd. 4th inning BUtrica scores 2 on double to cap 4 run 4th. Chris M 2 un HR in the 5th totals 7 for BD - Ties up into the 6th - Birkead solos, and 2 more would score to close game due to time

Hooligans 10 - Balls Deep 7

Game 3 Commission vs Outback

CJ Motts 2 run HR, Porter double and HR by Peck start game with 4. Outback goes 4 straight singles and 2 rbi single by Hoshbach to tie it up. Shalcross double scores 1 in 2nd. 3rd inning Rochs solo, Porter solo. In 5th, B2B triples by Motts and Runner cap 4 run inning. Moylan 2 run shot gets Outback close. Another Motts 2 run shot with doubles by Porter and Peck and Thompson score 5 in the 6th. 7th inning Outback only gets 5, double Maley - RBI single shallcross and Berk RBI double. 2 rbi single by Motts, rbi triple by Porter end game.

Commission 25 - Outback 15

Game 4 Max Challenge vs Outback

Walks and sacs score 4 for outback, MC 2 rbi double by MIke D in 2nd tie up at 4. Craig triple scores on Shallcross single Bannister single scores 1 more. 3rd inning 2 rbi triple by Craig scores on shallcross single, Bannister scores 2 more on single to cap 8 run inning. MC gets 4 in the 6th on singles and 4 in the 7th. Triple b Laino, Carroll rbi single. for 13 runs. Curt scores off his triple in 5th - Maley 3 rbi HR in the 6th. 3 rbi triple for Jack.

Outback 23 - Max Challenge 13

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