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Fall Championship of the world

Post by MixedNutz610 » Sat Nov 30, 2019 5:36 pm

Wednesday nights is winding down and coming to a end but not before the championship of the world is played.

Throwdown vs TGIF

Game one Throwdown is away team and get this started with a bang, Tom K clears the fence with a 3 run bomb to get them on the board, bottom half TGIF manages a run off of the Bat of Brit. 2nd Throwdown gets a run off the bat of Jimmy Craig, TGIF get 2 runs off of RBI singles from Chase and Brit. 3rd Neither team can plate a run. 4th Throwdown stay on top in the scoring column as they plate 2 more runs with Alex having the big swing of the inning, TGIF doesn't score. 5th TD just keep adding the runs and pressure to the home team as they get 2 more in the top half, TGIF lead by they vet ballers Kep and Pulli plate 3 runs to keep within reach of the throwdown team. 6th Throwdown doesn't score, TGIF wont go quite as they manage a run in the bottom half. 7th Throwdown plate 3 runs for some insurance to add to the total and make it 11, TGIF just plates one run in the home half and lose game one of the best of 3 11-7

Game 2 teams switch home and away and were off and running.

Top half of game 2 TGIF come out firing on all cylinders, playing with only 9 they need to get it going and they do! 5 hits and 2 errors are all they need to jump out and plate 5, Throwdown have their hands full and better get a move on! bottom half they plate 2 runs off SAC flies. 2nd TGIF shows no sign of age or being tired and have a huge 8 run inning Kep and Chase both smash doubles and 4 singles in the inning does all the damage to give them 13 after 2, But Throwdown are here for a reason and get 2 in the bottom to stay on the score board. 3rd For the first time this game TGIF cant score, Big boooooper TOM K smashes a 2 run homer to continue the scoring for throwdown. 4th TGIF has suddenly gone cold and cant score again, Throwdown wins the inning with one run coming across the plate as they keep chewing away at the lead. 5th TGIF manage to get back on the board on a couple errors and get one run to add to the total and make it 14, Throwdown explode for a 6 run inning Tom again the big swing with 2 RBI on a single and this is now a one run game 14-13 TGIF. 6th TGIF goes silent again, Throwdown manage a run and ladies and gents we are tied headed into the top of 7. 7th TGIF get a couple runners on but are not able to plate a run. Throwndown comes out with Petey hitting a single, needing only on Tom K sends a deep fly ball into the night sky and it clears as he walks off the bottom of the 7th with a homer and the wed night championship of the world.

As the umpire for this series as well i want to congratulate both team TGIF battled really hard with only 9 both games. Throwdown was just little too much short handed congrats to them on their championship.

see you guys at the field everyone enjoy your offseason

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