Quarry Playoffs 11-13

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Quarry Playoffs 11-13

Post by shaners30 » Wed Dec 04, 2019 6:54 pm

Game 1

Vertex vs Commission

Matty C singles and would get hit home by CJ. Top 2 KC solos for 2nd run. Top 3 Chris K singles and is hit in by Daves Sac. Bottom 3 Roche gets Commish on board with Rbi single, Ashworth HRs to drive in 2 and ties it up. Top 4 Frank gets on and Matty C Rbis in. Chris sacs another in. Top 6 KC doubles to lead off and Tom DBl scores 1. Bottom 6 - Greg doubles to start, scores on Nicks single to total 5 runs. Vertex would get 1 more in the 7th on Zach doubles - Ulmer Rbi single to push 7 runs. Commish flys out 3 stright to end.

Vertex 7 - Commission 5

Game 2

Hooligans vs Outback

Ryan scores on Jarretts single in top. Top 3 Maley double sets up Shallcross Rbi single. RIder scores on a error for Hooligans to get on board. RIch lead off single scores on Bannister Sac, bottom 4 Bitterlich solos, Birkead scores on Kolzer single to tack 2. Maley scores on jarrett single in 5th. Top 6 outback goes through lineup. 3 stright get one, Maley doubles to score 1, follows 6 straight singles, rbi double by Jack and 2 rbi singles follow to cap 11 run inning. Bombs solos again for Hooligans, Kc scores 1 on single and Kolzer homers for 3 to put up 5 in the 6th. 7th RIch triples and scores on Banister single. down 12 - Hooligans only gets 5 in 7th. Rider leads with single, Ivers rbi doubles, Beatty and Hanna rbi sinle and Bitterlcih scores 2 on double.

Outback 20 - Hooligans 13

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