From The Gutter / Week 2

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From The Gutter / Week 2

Post by sixofdiamonds » Thu Dec 05, 2019 6:09 pm

Week 2 stats and standings are finally posted online. Moving forward, it looks like I will not be getting the sheets from the bowling center until Thursday evening. That means stats, standings, and articles will be posted and written up Friday morning.

Anyway, here we go...

Against the left wall, a shorthanded Little Lebowski takes 5 from Split Happens on Keith’s 221 and brother Greg’s 263.

John Erb tossed a final game 200 to push Glory Bowl to a 4-3 win over last year’s champs, Three Fingers Deep. Greg Lesher tossed a nifty 622. John Zeits chipped in with 3 games over average.

That’s How We Roll continues their winning ways with a 7-zip beat down of Split or Swallow. Mark and Curt’s 3 games over paved the way.

In the battle of acronyms, FYC bests PPB 5-2 with a team effort. Pat Foulke’s 3 games over average would only be good enough for PPB to garner 2 points.

Gutter Girls show up in a big way with a 7-0 shellacking of Gutter Humiliation. Linda Dart set the tone for GG with 3 games over including a 191 game 3.

Split Happens edges past Dookie Brewsters 4-3 on the strength of Bill Shallcross’ 3 games over.

Tom Egitto carves out 3 games over to lead The Bowling Stones to a 5-2 win over The Incredibowls.

Suds turned to Duds as A Team Has No Name flexes some bowling muscle. Caitlin Thompson tosses 3 games over to lead the way.

Dave Ward’s pair of deuces help The Nines take 5 of 7 from a shorthanded Splits and Giggles.

A shorthanded Two and a Half Men bowled like 3, taking all 7 points from a shorthanded Farmer Bob’s Pin Splitters.

Bowl Movement drops a 7-zip dirty bomb on PC Squared. Jason Keebler erupted with 2 deuces and a 626. Carl Motts’ 215 in G1 went for naught.

James Hampshire’s 236 in G1 propelled Big Heads to a 5-2 win over Wu-Tang Forever.

Finger Poppin empties the can of WhoopA$$ on Shut Up and Roll with a 7-0 win. Ryan Garges’ G1 180 along with 3 games over got the proverbial ball rolling for the poppers.

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