From The Gutter / Week 4

Softball America Off-Season Bowling League
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From The Gutter / Week 4

Post by sixofdiamonds » Wed Dec 18, 2019 12:56 pm

It appears we are annoying the league that bowls before us by setting up on lanes 19-26 before they have pulled completely off their lanes. What else is new? Ugh! Read below.

Hi Les,

First of all here are the reports from this weekend.

We are having a problem with the lanes that has a league on them before you. My staff is telling me that as that league is going into their last frame, your bowlers are already coming onto the lanes to put their balls on the racks. I understand your bowlers don’t want to be here late, but we are contracted with them; “barring mechanical difficulties will be finished by 9:00 pm.” We tried to alleviate this by allowing 2/3 of Softball America to start at 8:00 but the understanding was that the other third would have to respect this other league’s time as well. We have, and will continue to get your people on as soon as possible, but we have to allow the other league to finish undisturbed. So if you could send a reminder to your people, and we will ask the other league to finish as quickly as possible as well, hopefully we can make sure everyone has the best experience possible.

Thank you,
Pat Dowd
Assistant Manager
Thunderbird Lanes
1475 West Street Road
Warminster, PA 18974
Phone: 215-674-8250

In the battle of the all-girls teams, Gutter Girls prevail 5-2 over Split or Swallow. Jean Mazza’s 55-over and Linda Dart’s pair of 147 led GG to victory.

Zach Martin fires 3 games over and Kelly Neill hurls a 62-over 195 to lead Dookie Brewsters to the 5-2 win. Matt Refice saves the 2-pointer for Split Happens.

FYC takes the whole enchilada from defending champs Three Finger Deep, tossing 7 of 9 games over average.

The O’Brien boys manage to take 5 from Split Heads as Little Lebowski makes upward move.

Bob Kolecki’s 3 games over propels PPB to a 5 point win over Glory Bowl.

That’s How We Roll edges past Gutter Humiliation 4-3.

Carl Motts, Jr.’s 3-game over 585 lifts PC Squared past Shut Up and Roll 4-3 in 3 fairly tight contests.

Big Heads topples Splits and Giggles 5-2 on Jason Dunlap’s 69-over 190 and 3 games over 503.

Judy Richmond’s 81-over 182 gives The Bowling Stones the 5-2 nod over The Nines.

Finger Poppin is brought back to bowling reality at the hands of Wu-Tang Forever. The 7-zip beat down was spurred by solid team bowling.

Bowl Movement drops a 5-2 dump on A Team Has No Name. Jason Keebler’s triplet of deuces paved the way.

Jeff O’s 93-over 247 seals the deal for a Suds 5-2. Farmer Bob’s 40-over saves the 2-point play for Pin Splitters.

Two And a Half Men take 5 from The Incredibowls. Glen Hipple pops a 214/550.

That’s How We Roll maintains a 7 point lead in the East. 5 others nearby. Gutter Humiliation needs to pick up the pace.

Split Heads have a 1 point West lead with 4 others only 1 back. PPB not far out of it. Split or Swallow within striking distance.

Two And a Half Men are bowling like 3 men with a 4 point lead in the North. 6 others are within about a week’s worth of points. Splits and Giggles needs to step up their game.

Finger Poppin and Bowl Movement share the South lead. 4 others within a week’s worth of points. Shut Up and Roll needs to get it in gear.

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