From The Gutter / Week 7

Softball America Off-Season Bowling League
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From The Gutter / Week 7

Post by sixofdiamonds » Fri Jan 17, 2020 1:57 pm

Lane conditions were a little funky in Week 7 from a malfunctioning lane prepping machine. Management has decided to add a week’s worth of proceeds to our league prize fund as compensation.

Wu-Tang can only muster 5 from a no-show The Bowl Movement. Bryan Peterman hurls a 77-over 224.

Finger Poppin gets back on track with a 5-2 win over A Team Has No Name. Ryan Garges’ 3 games over led the charge.

Suds captures 5 of 7 from PC Squared as Jeff O. rounds to form with a 3-game over 636.

That’s How We Roll keeps on keepin’ on with a 5-2 win over PPB. THWR tosses 8 of 9 over average.

Two And a Half Men tops Bowl Movement 5-2 on Kevin Finn’s 188 and 200 games.

Bowling vs. the no-show Big Heads, The Incredibowls take 5 of 7.

Shut Up and Roll best Splits and Giggles 5-2. Ho-hum bowling on both sides of the ball return.

The Gutter Girls take advantage of the no-show Split Happens with a 5-2 win.

Lane conditions got the best of Little Lebowski as the Split or Swallow girls grab all 7. S or S tossed 8 of 9 over average.

Split Heads edge past Three Fingers Deep 4-3. Kris Smedley’s 51-over 201 in Game 1 was the difference maker.

Gutter Humiliation ekes past FYC 4-3. Rhi Keppley’s 65-over 180 saved the 3-pointer for FYC.

Glory Bowl manages a 4-3 victory over Dookie Brewster.

The Nines rebound with a 5-2 win over Pin Splitters. Jake Wade’s 49-over Game 3 pushed The Nines over the top.

That’s How We Roll opens it up in the East. FYC sits atop in the highly contested West. Wu-Tang Forever maintains a slim lead in the highly contested North while Bowl Movement hanging tough in the South.

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