From The Gutter / Week 8

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From The Gutter / Week 8

Post by sixofdiamonds » Tue Jan 21, 2020 11:50 am

Gutter Humiliation stays afloat in the East with a 5-2 win over Dookie Brewsters tossing 7 of 9 over average.

Split Heads grabs all 7 from a no-show once again Split Happens, forging to the head of the West pack. Kris Smedley fires a nifty 3-game over 550 to pace SH.

Gutter Girls remain relevant in the West with a 5-2 win over PPB. Jean Mazza fires 3 games over to lead GG.

Getting the raw end of the lane condition stick last week, there must have been some anger in Little Lebowski’s balls this week as they take out the whooping stick on Glory Bowl. The 7-zip beat down puts the O’Brien boys back in the East hunt.

2018/19 champs Three Fingers Deep are keeping pace in the East as they take down division leaders That’s How We Roll 5-2. Bryan Bart was the TFD mainstay with a 3-game over 510.

Split or Swallow digs out of the West basement, moving to 10 point of the West lead. Kelly Gallagher’s 3 games over put the 5-2 hurting on FYC.

A shorthanded Bowl Movement dumps a load on a no-show Splits or Giggles. Jason Keebler paces the 7-0 win with a 245 Game 3.

Suds moves above the 500 mark in the South with 5-2 win over Wu-Tang Forever. Jeff O once gain leads the foam squad with a 234 Game 1. Sean P.’s 243 saves the 2-point play for WTF.

Two and a Half Men forge to the North lead with a 7-0 shellacking of The Bowling Stones. The Finn boys tote the load in the absence of an AWOL Glen Hipple.

Big Heads tries to stay in South contention as they take 5 of 7 from Shut Up and Roll. Jim Hampshire hurls an 81-over 247 to pace the ‘Heads’. Big Heads will be replacing Bill Brancato on the roster as he opts to take on the surgeon’s knife for his ailing ACL.

The Nines replace Finger Poppin for 2nd place in the South as they take down the poppers 5-2. Dave Ward’s 79-over and Jake Wade’s 3 games over propel The 9’ers to victory.

The Incredibowls are making their presence felt with a move from 6th to 2nd place in the North. The 7-zip smack down of the Pin Splitters was paced by Lauren and Justin’s 3 games over each. Jack should stick to umpiring.

PC Squared stays competitive in the North with a 5-2 win over A Team Has No Name.

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