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From The Gutter / Weel 11

Post by sixofdiamonds » Tue Feb 18, 2020 9:03 am

With only 2 regular weeks of bowling left, it’s do or die for quite a few teams.

Finger Poppin moves to the top of the South by taking all 7 from Bowl Movement. Ryan Garges explodes with a 616.

Pin Splitters take 5 from PC Squared. It’s do or die from both North teams.

The Nines dropped a load as the Incredibowls grab all 7 and push to the top of the North. Justin Haines hurled a 72-over 194.

The Bowling Stones and Shut Up and Roll are mathematically eliminated from post season contention. Bill Geary tossed 3 games over.

Big Heads takes 5 from A Team Has No Name. Still in it for the post season.

Glory Bowl and FYC need a prayer. Glory Bowl takes the match 5-2. John Erb 3-over 567.

Two and a Half Men grab 5 from Wu-Tang Forever. Both teams pushing the North leader.

Zach Martin’s 599 propels Dookie Brewsters to a 5-2 win over Little Lebowski. DB with a slight post season chance. Little Lebowski has a big post season opportunity in the upcoming match with East leading That’s How We Roll.

That’s How We Roll tops Gutter Girls 5-2. Mark Bernacki fires an 82-over 235. Curtis tosses 2 under then an 80-over 258. Gem of consistency there.

Splits and Giggles wakes from a coma to pound Suds 7-zip. Nick T fires a118-over 241. That might be the highest over game I’ve seen here since the league began in 2004. Teammate Nick W. hurls a 3-game over 546. S&G has no post season shot. Suds needs just short of a miracle.

Split Heads continues to lead the West. Their 5-2 win over rival PPB gives them an 8 point cushion. Ron Pulli tosses a 3-game over 610.

Gutter Humiliation continues their surge in the East with a 5-2 win over Split of Swallow. They currently sit in 2nd place with a 43-34 record. Not bad for a team that was 3-25 after Week 5.

Defending champs Three Fingers Deep manage a 5-spot over no-show Split Happens.TFD technically not out, but they need a lot of help.

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