Spring Coed Week 2 (4/18)

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Spring Coed Week 2 (4/18)

Post by codizzle11 » Tue Apr 24, 2018 9:32 pm


Game 1: Throwdown vs TGIF

In the top of the 1st Gary Thompson got things started with a double and would score one batter later. Jon Poore would bring home 3 while bringing the rain with a mammoth homer to close out the scoring for Throwdown in the frame. Unfortunately, that would be all the scoring they would do for the entire game. Would it hold up? No. TGIF had the lead as soon as their first 5 batter crossed home. They would plate 15 runs in the 1st with one extra base hit. One! Four walks and 3 errors kept Throwdown from getting out of the inning as TGIF finished 2 batters shy of turning the lineup over twice before the 2nd. TGIF would add 5 more runs in the second and that would be all they would need as the coast to the 20-4 victory. 20 runs with only the one extra base hit. Amazing.

Game 2: Dragons vs Titans

In the top of the 1st the Dragons bring home 2 with the help of a triple by John Connors. Titans would not be outdone as extra base hits by Darren Shaw, Kyle Rizzi and Kevin Bramble help to bring home 4 runs in the bottom half of the inning. After the Dragons manage to tie it up with 2 in the 2nd the Titans regain the lead, 5-4 heading into the 3rd. The Dragons would then get a lead that they would never relinquish. 7 runs were brought in, many of them from doubles by CJ Kirby, John Connors and Lee Ann Kramer. The Dragons came right back to it in the 4th scoring 4 runs to push their lead to 9. The Titans added 3 more to cut the lead to 6 but that would be as close as they would get the rest of the game. Dragons hammered home 11 more runs across the 5th and 6th to take the mercy rule victory, 26-9.

Game 3:

In Place Cabinetry vs Wackers

This game wouldn't go the distance. However, it wasn't due to a lack of scoring by either team. This game would wear out home plate as 47 runs crossed it before this game was over. In Place Cabinetry would get 12 of their runs in the first 3 innings. Mike Downey collected a double and triple in those 2 frames and Vito Nigro hit a double of his own. They added 7 more in the 5th which include a solo shot by Mike Downey. Unfortunately, 19 runs wouldn't be enough on this night. Wackers almost matched that total after 2 innings as they brought in 17 run before recording 6 outs. Five extra base hits between Kyle Simonye (triple), Gene "balls to the" Walczak (triple & 2 doubles) and Katie Cherba (double) were a large part of the damage. Wackers would score 6 more in the 3rd and 5 in the 4th to round out there scoring.This time Justin Glennon (3-run homer), Kyle Simonye (double) and Gene "just another brick in the" Walczak (double) were the most notable. Wackers win 28-19.

Game 4: phillyjunk.com vs Irish Car Bombs

An instant classic in this game. Philly Junk, feeling carefree due to Tom Rider's absence, played with a noticeable increase in swagger. They would start slow however, plating only 2 runs in the across the first 2 innings. Meanwhile, a handful of errors along with a few doubles by Anthony Crawford and Ryan Goodman would bring Irish Car Bombs a 6 run lead heading into the 3rd. Philly Junk would get 4 runs back as sloppy fielding continued in this game. Doubles by Mike Bitterlitch, Shane Hanna and Andy May lead the way in the inning. Scoring would go quiet until the 5th where Philly Junk added 4 more runs by two 2-run homers from Mike Bitterlitch and Andy May. The Irish Car Bombs would get 2 runs back in the bottom of the frame to tie the game at 10. A few more doubles and a 3-run tater by Mike Bitterlitch, his second of the game, brought Philly Junk a 6-run lead. That lead would remain heading into the bottom of the 7th. ICB was able to get their first 6 batters in the inning on base, scoring 3 of them before even recording an out. With bases loaded and nobody out things weren't looking great for Philly Junk. ICB had the winning run at the plate but could only get a few sacrifice RBIs before ultimately ending the game with 3 straight fly outs. Philly Junk holds on, 16-15.

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