Week 6 - May 4th

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Week 6 - May 4th

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Game One: Dookie Brewster v. King’s Corner

Right to the point on this game, King’s Corner missing players and playing with just 9. They got their first hit in the 5th inning (Dan Cymerman double) and their first run in the 6th (Chris Abato) by way of an error.
Dookie didn’t need much to win this game. Jarred Gardner with a 2nd inning homer and Tom Koelzer with a 3 run shot in the 7th. Ryan Goodman tripled and scored in the 6th – all helping Dookie score 11 runs and win the game.

Game Two: Wire 2 Wire v. Philly Junk

W2W got some run production in the 3rd after Phil Lipton singled home a run and was quickly followed by Bill Shallcross’ 2-run double. This all happened in the 3rd and after this, well, they managed to manufacture just one additional run in the 6th when Phil scored on an error. W2W with just 4 runs.
Philly Junk didn’t fare much better but did enough. The first inning would prove to be the difference after Brandon Birkhead hit a grand slam which was quickly followed by Justin Miller’s solo bomb (Brandon and Justin) going back-to-back. Philly got 9 in the game and won by 5.

Game Three: Mike’s Bar & Grill v. HG Coal Fire Pizza

Mike’s steady on offense as they push through some runs in nearly every inning. Dave Shannon with a nice night driving in 5 which included a 6th inning grand slam. Matt McReynolds scored 3 times and Matt Greebe finished with 2 hits.
Pizza guys did nearly the same but finished slightly better. Four runs in the 1st inning after back-to-back doubles from Mike Marceline and Tyber Cohen. Andrew Parker singled home 2 runs in the 4th and Brandan doubled home his 2nd rbi of the night with a double. Pizza Guys eek out the win 15-11.

Game Four: Dingers v. Team Horsham

Dingers scored 12 runs in the game and all 12 were scored by the 3rd inning. Dave Iatarola with a 2-run triple and Rich Schmidt with an rbi double. Zack Zbarsky singled home the 12th run in the 3rd as the team managed just 4 hits the rest of the game.
Team Horsham chipped away after they managed to score 6 in the first inning and psorinkling runs throughout rest of the game. Mike Crmpton drew a bases loaded walk in the 3rd, Kevin Smith doubled and scored in the 5th and Kyle Katz drove in the 11th run in the 6th. Trailing by just 1 at this point, Mike Crompton singled to bring the winning run to the plate, but the rally fell short as Horsham falls by 1.
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