Quarry 10-4-2021

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Quarry 10-4-2021

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Game #1 – Rock N Rebel vs. Sluggers

Sluggers get going with a two run bomb off the bat of Jarret Kerns in the top of the first. After shutting down Rebel with no less than one diving play by Nonny at short, Sluggers go back to the plate and push five across. Axel had a two run bomb, while Curt Hensman and Justin have RBI hits of their own. Rebel finally get on the board in the third, with back to back triples from Mark McCouch Sr and Mark McCouch Jr. Sluggers keep doing what they do best and get back to hitting. Axel nets two more runs on a single and Julius nets a run on an RBI double. Nonny gets back to work playing in his sandbox as Sluggers really lock it down defensively as they prevent Rebel from scoring for the rest of the game. Sluggers keep their bats going and net another six runs across the last couple of innings. Sluggers win 18-3.

Player of the Game:
Axel (Sluggers) – 3/3, HR, 4 RBI’s

Game #2 – Knuckleheads vs. Total Liquidators

Knuckleheads get rolling with a solo bomb right out of the gate off the bat of Jesse Faller. Jon Poore also nets an RBI from a single later in the inning. Knuckleheads stick their bats in the fire and they get going in the second as they bat around and put together a 14 run inning. Poore had two more RBI’s with another single while Faller cleared the bases with a triple. John Kiefer, Haley and Keira all have RBI singles in the inning as well. More of the same in the third, as Knuckleheads bat around again. Poore keeps it rolling with two more RBI’s as well as RBI singles from Bryan Peterman, Jay Cybok and Anthony Crawford and Moe smashes an RBI double. Knuckleheads keep up their onslaught as they will continue this through the fourth inning. Crawford clears the bases with three more RBI’s as this game is all Knuckleheads. Knuckleheads win 26-1.

Player of the Game:
Jon Poore (Knuckleheads) – 3/4, 5 RBI’s

Game #3 – Mott-ley Crew vs. Roos

Crew come out hot looking to cool down the Roos. CJ Motts gets the party started with a three run bomb. Tom Finn also adds an RBI single as they jump out to a 5-0 lead. Tom Montvydas respond for a run on a single. Back to work the crew go, as they push across another five runs. Jon Motts grabs an RBI single, while CJ Motts bat stays hot with a two run triple. Carl Motts also added an RBI single in the inning. Roos get some of them back on a Kayla Diamond RBI single and two run sac fly from Frank Fusca. Roos get back on the board in the fourth with a Chris Lansberry two run triple. Hannah Jimenez also adds a run on an RBI single. Hannah gets a big shot in the fifth with a three run bomb which makes this a 2 run game heading to the sixth. CJ Motts smashes another bomb, this time another three run bomb to push their lead to five. Roos bring it back again, getting four runs in the bottom of the inning. Lansberry knocked in two with a single and Hannah adds another run, her fifth RBI of the game. Crew go into the seventh lookin for a bit of insurance and they get a bunch, six to be exact. CJ Motts gets two more RBI’s, while Greg Reilly adds one on a triple. Roos get a single to start the inning, but that is all they would muster up in the inning and will fall in this one. Crew wins 21-14

Player of the Game:
CJ Motts (Crew) – 5/5, 2B, 3B, 2 HR’s, 10 RBI’s

Game #4 – Demons vs. Mott-ley Crew

Demons come out firing with RBI singles from Pat Kelly and Bill Shallcross which helps them take a 2-0 lead. Crew get them back with back to back singles from Kaelyn Motts and Jon Motts. Evan Porter grabs an RBI single before Tom Finn nets two on a single a little bit later in the inning. Crew get back to hitting in the second with RBI singles from CJ Motts and Jon Motts as well as an Evan Porter two run single. Demons also get some runs in the third, with a two run sac fly from Ryan Goodman as well as a sac fly from Ben Razzi. The fourth inning is a big one for Crew as they bat around and get seven runs. Kevin Motts, Finn, Amanda Bradley and Jon Duchette all have RBI singles and CJ Motts adds a two run single. Demons offense go cold as they can’t push any more runs across through the latter parts of this game and they will fall in this one. Crew win 19-6.

Player of the Game:
CJ Motts (Crew) – 3/4, 3 RBI’s

Player of the Week:
CJ Motts (Crew) – 8/9, 2B, 3B, 2 HR’s, 13 RBI’s
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