Week 4 - 4/19/2020

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Week 4 - 4/19/2020

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Game 1: Philly Junk vs. Dingers
Philly Junk starts off the 1st by batting around and plating 6 runs on doubles from Tom Ivers and Brandon Bozek, and homers from Brandon Birkhead and KC Ingram. Dingers answer back with 4 of their own on back to back homers from Pete Auteri and Mike Casbar. The 2nd inning is twice as productive as the 1st for Philly Junk, as they score 12 in the frame on homers from Shane Hanna, Birkhead, Birkhead again (twice this inning!), Mike Bitterlich, and Ingram's 2nd. Dingers bat all 11 in the 2nd, scoring 6 on another set of back to back dingers from Casbar and Bayley Jamanis, along with an Auteri double. After 2 innings, this slugfest is 18-10 in favor of Philly Junk. PJ scores 5 in the 3rd, led by a Shane Hanna double. Dingers put up 3 in the 3rd, on a triple from Jake McCall and a double from Zack Zbarsky. Philly Junk adds 4 more in the 4th, with yet ANOTHER home run from Birkhead (his 4th of the game) and Bitterlich's 2nd homer of the game. Ivers and Bozek also chipped in with doubles in the 4th to bring the score to 28-13 after 4. Dingers plates 13 in the 5th with dingers from Auteri, Casbar, Jaminis and Auteri (again!), and doubles by Dave Iatarola, Connor O'Keefe, and Eric Popple, but I guess time ran out because this one is over after 5 with a score of 28-26 favor of Philly Junk.

Game 2: Kings Corner vs. Beers
Beers score the first 3 batters on a triple from Ryan Maley and a homer from Ryan Calabro. Kings Corner answers back with 2 on a string of singles. Beers bat 15 in the 2nd and score 9 on a Maley grand slam and a string of singles. Kings Corner chips away with 6 in the 2nd, tightening the score to 12-8. Beers bat around again, plating 8 in the 3rd on doubles from Maley, Calabro, Kevin Dooley, and Tim Coleman, along with a 3-bagger from Ryan Whitley. Kings Corner scores 5 in the 3rd featuring a Matt Schaub homer and a John Erb double to make the score 20-13, favor of Beers. In the top of the 4th, Kings Corner scores another 5 led by a Calabro double, making their lead 25-21 going into the bottom of the 6th and last inning. On homeruns from Sean Nonemacher, Erb, and CJ Snyder, along with doubles from Mat Crowell and Keith Crowell (perhaps related in some way?), Kings Corner scores 6 in the 6th to take the game 27-25 in this thriller.

Game 3: Dookie Brewster vs. Just Food
Dookie Brewster bats all 12 players in the 1st to score 8, featuring a string of singles and a double from from Jimmy Craig. Just Food bats 11 of their own and scores 6, on walks and singles, and a 2 run double from Eric Rosenblum. DB bats around again in the 2nd, this time scoring 11 on doubles from Chris Hackney and John Poore, a triple from Jose Rodriguez, and a homer from Tom Koezler. Just Food is quiet in their half of the 2nd. Score is 19-6 after just 2. Dookie Brewster adds 2 more in the 3rd, and Just Food matches the effort with 2 of their own. The 4th sees DB bat around for the 3rd time in this game, scoring another 10 on a double from Bryan Peterman, a triple from Kyle Rizzi, and homers from Jason McGlaughlin and Koezler (his 2nd of the game). Just Food musters only 2 runs in the 4th, on a 2 run blast from John Sandy. This game is over after 4, 31-10 favor of Dookie Brewster.

Game 4: Team Horsham vs. Wire2Wire Sports Podcast
Team Horsham scores 2 in the 1st, mainly on a triple from Mike Bobrin. Wire to Wire answers with 1 of their own in their half of the 1st, on a leadoff double from Joe DiMezza. Team Horsham scores 8 in the 2nd, due to a double from Brett Saveno and string of singles. W2W scores 5 in the 2nd, making the score 8-6 favor of Team Horsham, who put up no runs in the 3rd. W2W, however, scores 5 in the 3rd on a triple from Jacob McDevitt and a double from Steve Kerrigan, to take the lead 11-8. Team Horsham tightens it up with 2 in 4th on a Brian McEachern triple, but W2W bats all 12 and scores 9 in the 4th on homers from McDevitt, Jared Fagnono, Greg Guarono, Gene Walzcak, and Sean Butera, as well as a double from Kerrigan. Score is 20-10 after 4, favor of W2W. Team Horsham scores 4 in the 5th, 1 in the 6th, and 5 in the 7th, highlighted by a triple from Dan Linebrger and a bunch of singles and sac flies, but it wasn't enough as W2W scored 3 in the 5th on a Fagnono homer (his 2nd of the game) to make the score 23-20 in favor of Wire To Wire Sports Podcast.
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