Altered Equipment

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Altered Equipment

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Altered Equipment

Amateur Softball Association Press Release
Oklahoma City, OK— In response to many questions from the softball community about heating, cooling and other devices used to alter equipment, the Amateur Softball Association would like to remind all players, coaches, parents, tournament directors and umpires of the notation contained in Rule 3, Section 7 of the ASA’s Official Rules of Softball:

Rule 3, Section 7

Note: The characteristics of any approved equipment cannot be changed. One example would be icing, cooling or heating equipment.

The ASA considers these devices illegal. Furthermore, anyone caught doing this may be subject to Article 510, M, 06 of the ASA Code that states the following:

Article 510, M, 06

Any player discovered using an altered bat, including a doctored bat or a bat with additional weight shall be called out and disqualified from further tournament competition for a minimum of one year. ASA shall have the right to take possession of a bat that is, in the sole discretion of the Tournament Committee, reasonably suspected to be an altered bat. In the event the suspected altered bat is tested and determined to be an altered bat, then the player shall surrender ownership of the altered bat to ASA; otherwise the bat shall be returned to the player. A team that is discovered to have within its possession or control an altered bat may be disqualified from further tournament competition.

"Altered bats are a big problem in amateur softball," said Russell. "The USSSA and ASA have really started cracking down. If they suspect a bat has been altered, they will ask the owner to submit it for testing." Refusal to submit a bat for testing can result in a one-year suspension for the player. An altered bat can earn a player a two to three year suspension.
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