Week 9: 10/18/2022

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Week 9: 10/18/2022

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Game 1: Dingers vs. Wire2Wire Sports Podcast
Dingers score a couple in the 1st inning on doubles from Bayley Jamanis and Connor O'Keefe, along with Mike Casbar's sac fly. Over the next 4 innings, they'll muster only 1 more run. Meanwhile, Wire2Wire scores 12 in the the same 5 innings. Greg Guarino and Jared Fagnano both double, while Joe DiMeza and Tom Signore both triple. Score is 12-3 after 5. In the top of the 6th, Dingers get 5 runs across, with Casbar blasting a 3-run homer. However, Wire2Wire add 6 in the bottom of the 6th giving them a 10 run lead going into the 7th. Brandon Bozek triples and Jim Chapman doubles. With Dingers getting a lone single in the 7th, this game ends with a Wire2Wire win, 18-8.

Game 2: King's Corner vs. Dookie Brewster
King's Corner starts out hot and score 2 with a leadoff triple from Sean Nonnemacher and an RBI triple from Mat Crowell. They'll add 5 in the 2nd and bat around in the 3rd to add 8 more. Matt Schaub and Keith Crowell both double, and Matt Schaub homers. Meanwhile, Dookie Brewster plate 3 in the 2nd and 3rd, with Rob McKenna homering. Score is 15-3 after 3. King's Corner scores 5 more in the 4th, with Jay Payne doubling. With Dookie Brewster not scoring in the bottom of the 4th, the flip-flop rule goes into effect and Dookie Brewster gets another chance at bat. They'll only add 2 more, so this one ends early, 20-5.

Game 3: Philly Junk vs. Beers
Beers start out slow and only score 1 in the first 3 innings. On the other side of the page, Philly Junk score 13 in the same 3 innings. Jason Ashworth, Pat Kelley, and Ryan Habel ALL blast 3 run bombs each, while Evan Porter smacks a solo dinger. Jeremy Villano triples and Rob Lyons and Tom Ivers both double. Score's 13-1 after 3. In the 4th, Beers add 3 runs on Connor McFarlane's homer, Chris Anhalt's triple and Matt Kane's double. Philly Junk adds 5 more in the 4th, with doubles from Shane Hanna and Pat Kelley, and Ashworth's 2nd round-tripper of the night. With Beers scoring only 1 more run in the 7th, Philly Junk wins, 18-8.

Game 4: Just Food vs. Fibby Busters
Just Food starts slow, but then gets hot in the 2nd inning, batting around and scoring 9. Dave Shannon and Marty Balent both double and Corey Eyerman homers. Fibby Busters get 1 in the first 2 innings, with Brett Saverio leading off with a double and scoring. Just Food adds 6 more in the next 3 innings. Rob Demko doubles and Balent triples. Fibby Busters score 8 in the same 3 innings, cutting Just Food's lead to 15-10. Bill Brancato doubles for Fibby Busters. Just Food adds 6 more in the final 2 innings, with Steve Skedzielewski tripling. Fibby Busters threatens in the bottom of 7, but only score 4 despite doubles from Brancato and Nate Vicenty. Just Food wins, 21-14.
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