Playoffs: 10/25/2022

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Playoffs: 10/25/2022

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Game 1: 5th seed Beers vs 4th seed Wire2Wire Sports Podcast
Beers score 5 in the first 4 innings, highlighted by Ryan Maley's double in the 4th. In the same timeframe, Wire2Wire scores 9, getting 8 of them in the 2nd. Highlights include Greg Guarino's double. Beers will add 1 in the 5th and 1 in the 6th to get to 7 total runs, which isn't enough with Wire2Wire tacking on another 4 in the 6th inning. Wire2Wire wins, 13-7.

Game 2: 6th seed Fibby Busters vs 3rd seed Kings Corner
Fibby Busters score 2 in this game by sprinkling a few singles along all 7 innings. Kings Corner, on the other hand, blasts out 14 runs in their 6 turns at bat. Jason Pane goes 4 for 4, launches a 3 run bomb and a double while Nonny doubles and sacs in a run. Kings Corner wins, 14-2
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