Finals: 11/1/2022

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Finals: 11/1/2022

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The fall championship series features the 1st place Philly Junk vs. the 3rd place Kings Corner.

Game 1:
Kings Corner can't seem to decipher Philly Junk's pitching and only score 1 run in the game on Frank Fusca's double and Jason Pane's RBI single. Meanwhile, Philly Junk does what they do and post 21 runs in 4 innings. Homers come from Shane Hanna, Brandon Birkhead (2), Jeremy Villano, Pat Kelley (2), Mike Bitterlich, KC Ingram, and Evan Porter. Kelley also triples, while Bitterlich, Hanna, Birkhead, and Villano all add doubles to their line. This one ends early with a Philly Junk win, 21-1.

Game 2:
With their backs to the wall down 1 game to none in a best of 3 series, Kings Corner starts out hot with a Sean Nonemacher leadoff double. Nonny will score on Keith Crowell's RBI single. They'll add 4 more in the 3rd, with Nonny's 2nd double of the game, and Chris Beatty's 2-run triple. King's Corner will add 3 more in the 5th and 1 in the 6th, with Chris Abato tripling. Meanwhile, Philly Junk scores 6 in the 1st, 7 in the 2nd through 4th, 8 in the 6th, and 4 in the top of the 7th to make the score 25-9 going into the bottom of the 7th. Philly Junk highlights include homers from Jeremy Villano (2), Brandon Birkhead (2), Pat Kelley, Evan Porter and KC Ingram. Tom Ivers triples. Doubles come from Mike Bitterlich (2), Hanna, Birkhead, Kelley, and Ivers. With a 16 run deficit going into the bottom of the 7th, Kings Corner has a lot of work to do. Philly Junk get the 1st 2 batters out, and then Nonny gets things going with his speed and knocks his 3rd double of the game. He'll score on Keith Crowell's RBI single, but that's all they can muster. Philly Junk wins game 2, 25-10.

Congrats to Philly Junk on their Fall Championship!
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