Quarry 6/2/18

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Quarry 6/2/18

Post by codizzle11 » Tue Jun 19, 2018 9:24 pm

Game 1: Titans vs ICB

This game would be decided by forfeit. Titans win 7-0.

Game 2: Philly Junk vs Wackers

Philly Junk made quick work of Wackers on this Saturday morning makeup game. Some key hits by Mike Bitterlich (2 2-run HRs), KC Ingram (HR), Craig Richards (3-run Homer) and Tom RIder (3 doubles) helped with the 16-1 victory.

Game 3: Dragons vs TGIF

Its rare that you score 15 runs and get doubled up. That is what happened to Dragons on this day. Dragons would spread 15 runs across 6 innings but it wouldn't nearly be enough. THis game was actually tied at 15 heading into the bottom of the 6th but TGIF would chew the clock as they scored their other 15 runs in what would be the final inning. Craig Richards was a valuable sub as he hit 2 homers and 4 RBI. TGIF walks off 30-15.

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