Saturday Make-ups

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Saturday Make-ups

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Everyone in the league, and even those not in the league, (significant others, parents, bosses) love the structure and organization of Softball America. You can almost set your watch by when the games start and when they end. A player can easily guarantee his/her boss he/she will be into work at 5:00 pm on a Sunday evening, right after their 2:45 pm softball game because he/she knows the 2:45 pm game will start on time and be over by 4:00 pm. A player can promise his/her significant other that he/she will be showered and ready for that social event at 9:00 pm this Friday because they know their 6:30 pm game will start on time and will be finished by 7:45 pm. When players arrive for their weekday game at 9:00 pm they know their game will start at 9:00 pm and not 10:00 pm, as is often the case in other leagues. It’s all well and good and everyone loves the structuring UNTIL they are adversely affected by it.

Each and every schedule is spelled out with a very clear, concise, and easy to follow format for the rescheduling of postponed games. Team managers and players can see at a glance when their postponed games will be rescheduled for. Even projections with respect to ‘what if’ scenarios can easily be planned for, well in advance, by managers and players alike.

Saturday make-ups are an integral part of the Softball America structural and organizational equation. The potential to play regular season and/or playoffs and championship finals on a Saturday clearly exists and is outlined in detail on each schedule and in our local league rules. That being said, managers and their players must be prepared to play any postponements, beyond the schedule limit and as per scheduling guidelines, on the first available Saturday. Teams ill prepared to make this commitment must be prepared to either forfeit the game or series or stand down and make room in the league for teams that are/will be prepared for such a scenario.

As has always been the case, a team that cannot attend a game will forfeit that game to the team that is in attendance. If both teams cannot attend a game, be it playoffs, championships, or otherwise, a double forfeit will ensue and neither team will receive a win. Effective Summer 2006, if a championship series is double forfeited, a league champion for that season will not be declared.
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