Line-up Changes

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Line-up Changes

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As long as a manager is timely with respect to handing in their line-up before the start of the game, the scorekeeper will most likely allow changes to the line-up. However, once the first pitch is thrown, a line-up can only change via legal player substitution or the addition/movement of a late-arriving roster player before the line-up has turned over.

LATE ARRIVING ROSTER PLAYERS: Before the start of the game, a manager may place an absent player anywhere in the line-up. If the player’s batting slot comes up and he/she has not arrived, the manager can: 1) take a batting out and leave the player in the line-up in anticipation of that player arriving, 2) drop the player to the bottom of the line-up, 3) remove the player (at any time) from the batting order and take no batting out as long as all other roster requirements have been met. Late-arriving roster players may be added to the bottom of the batting order providing the batting line-up has not turned over.
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