Sunday Morning Men's / Fall 2023

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Sunday Morning Men's / Fall 2023

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The official Sunday Morning Men's schedule for the Fall 2023 season is now posted. Access the schedule from the main Softball America webpage or click here... Sunday Morning Men's

A Division
Team 1: Ball Busters
Mgr. Mike Marcelline
Team 2: Silverbacks
Mgr. Shawn Rush
Team 3: Doom Cats
Mgr. Bryan Peterman
Team 4: Philly Junk
Mgr. Tom Rider/KC Ingram
Team 5: Birdgang
Mgr. Jason McLaughlin
Team 6: Dirty Dozen
Mgr. Connie Georgiadis
Team 7: Demons
Mgr. Sean Nonemacher/S. Stoneback

B North
Team 8: Wolfpack
Mgr. Colin Leach
Team 9: One Hit Wonders
Mgr. Jack Stepnowski
Team 10: Doc’s Irish Pub
Mgr. AJ Bagushinski
Team 11: Purple Cobras
Mgr. Brandon Roman
Team 12: Dark Dogs
Mgr. Paul Ferruzzi/Mike Suda
Team 13: Wire2Wire Sports
Mgr. Gene Walczak

B East
Team 14: DePaul Brothers
Mgr. Brian Hilbert
Team 15: Holding Hands with Hookers
Mgr. Gary Brooks
Team 16: Philly’s Phinest
Mgr. John Quartullo
Team 17: Wild Fire
Mgr. Tom Orlando
Team 18: Web Gems
Mgr. George Webb
Team 19: The Swingers
Mgr. Lucas Burke
Team 20: Pitch, Please
Mgr. Ray Brittingham
Team 21: Felix’s Fellas
Mgr. Sam Matos

B West
Team 22: SCLSU Muddogs
Mgr. Jason Figueroa/Tony Figueroa
Team 23: Crum Bum
Mgr. John Milburn
Team 24: Hattrick’s Sports Bar
Mgr. Bill Graef
Team 25: Sprouse Electric
Mgr. Drake Sprouse
Team 26: The Naturals
Mgr. Tim Macrone
Team 27: Dave & Confused
Mgr. John Graves
Team 28: Do Work
Mgr. Scott Chmura
Team 29: Hitmen
Mgr. Dennis D’Angelo
Team 30: Birds of War
Mgr. Ryan McAvey

B South
Team 31: Bats All, Folks!
Mgr. Andrew Markowitz
Team 32: Bogey Boys
Mgr. Patrick Smith
Team 33: Van Fossen’s Vikings
Mgr. Mike Van Fossen
Team 34: Dead Ringers
Mgr. Daniel Fry
Team 35: Isotopes
Mgr. Colin Snyder
Team 36: Stiff Sox
Mgr. Tyler Fornwalt
Team 37: Pigeon Boyz
Mgr. Cody Miller
Team 38: Only Fans
Mgr. Corey Wambold
Team 39: The Rolling Rocks
Mgr. Harry Steglich
Team 40: Christian Clout Chasers
Mgr. James Webb
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