Summer - Monday Coed – Hatfield - 7/9/18

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Summer - Monday Coed – Hatfield - 7/9/18

Post by ACE21 » Sat Jul 14, 2018 12:05 am

Hatfield – Game 1

Roos vs Maize

The bats started as hot as the weather, the Roos scored 3, the big hit a Dan Wehlau triple, the Maize bats were hotter scoring 4 runs, the big hits a Tom Egitto double and Bill Worthington triple, 4-3 Maize after 1. The Roos took the lead in the 2nd on a Dan Wehlau 2 run Homer, 5-4 Roos. In the 3rd the Roos scored another pair of runs on a Dan Cymerman Homer and Dan Wehlau triple, the Mize had a big inning batting around and scoring 7 runs, the big hits a base clearing 3 rbi double by SBA Legend Joe DeSousa, and 2 run double by Gary Kleinschmidt and the Maize retake the lead 11-7. The Maize bats stayed hot the rest of the game scoring 1 in the 4th, 4 in the 5th the big hit a Lauren Kleinschmidt base clearing triple, and another 4 runs in the 6th, the big hit a Tom Egitto 3 run Homer and the Maize win this one 20-7.

Hatfield – Game 2

Wacker’s vs Son’s of Pitches

The bats were hot at the start, the Wackers scored 5 runs the big hit a Bill Brancato 3 run Homer, the Son’s of Pitches scored 3 runs on 4 hits including a double by Pete Edgar, 5-3 Wackers. In the 3rd the Wackers scored 1 run on a couple of hits, and the Son’s of Pitches scored 4 runs on walks and singles and took the Lead 7-5 Son’s of Pitches. In the 4th the Son’s of Pitches scored 1 run on 2 singles and a Jon Motts double, 8-5 Son’s of Pitches. In the 5th both teams got on the board, the Wackers scoring 1on a couple of singles and a fielder’s choice, the Son’s of Pitches scored 2 runs on 3 hits including a double by Dan Geger and triple by Pete Edgar 10-7 Son’s of Pitches. The Wackers scored 1 in the 6th on a mike Kelly Homer but it was not enough and the Son’s of Pitches went on to win this one 10-8.

Hatfield – Game 3

New Age vs Blue Dog Tavern

New Age started the game scoring 1 reun on 2 hits and a sac fly, and Blue Dog scored 3 runs on a walk and 4 hits, 3-1 Blue Dog Tavern . In the 2nd inning New Age scored 1 run on 3 hits and Blue Dog Tavern scored 3 runs on 3 walks a fielders choice and double by Ed Reynolds, 6-2 Blue Dog Tavern. The New Age bats kept putting runs on the board, scoring 1 in the 3rd, scoring 2 in the 4th, the bit hit a triple by Mike Friedman, and scoring 2 in the 5th, the big hit an Alex Peterson triple to battle back and take the lead 7-6. Blue Dog Tavern bit back in the bottom of the 5th scoring 1 on a triple by Ed Reynolds to tie the game at 7-7. In the 6th Blue Dog Tavern had a big inning scoring 4 runs to win this one 11-7.

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