Week 6 at the Quarry

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Week 6 at the Quarry

Post by Rider14 » Fri Aug 03, 2018 5:56 pm

Game #1 – Bry Lex vs. Wackers

Bry Lex come out to a fast start with a first inning Cody Miller grand slam blast deep into the quarry woods. Wackers get back with two runs with home runs of their own. Ed Sheehan hits a two run homer and Mike Kelly hits a solo home run. Miller goes right back to work for Bry Lex in the following inning with a double, also getting an RBI single from Colin Donohoe and sac fly from Bryce Bundy. Gene Schwedenman smacks an RBI triple to help get Wackers going again in the bottom of the second as well as a Steve Bender RBI single. Neither team scores in the third before Wackers have a big fourth inning. Schwedenman starts it with an RBI single and Steve Bender two run double. Bry Lex answers quickly in the top of the fifth sending seven runs across and taking a 14-9 lead. Eric Roseblum started it with a RBI triple, Cindy Synder had a RBI single, Moninghoff had an RBI double and Ryan Hines had a two run single. Miller continues to tear it up and smashed an RBI triple in the inning as well. Wackers can only manage a couple more runs and can never fight back in this one. Bry Lex wins 17-11.

Player of the Game:
Cody Miller (Bry Lex) – 3/4, 2B, 3B, HR, 6 RBI’s

Game #2 – Sons of Pitches vs. LA Pools

Kaelyn Motts, Danny Hinchliff and Pete Edgar start Pitches off early with RBI singles to give them the early 3-0 lead. Pools answer with RBI singles of their own from Ray Patano and Brian Steeber. Motts adds another RBI in the top of the second to increase their lead to two. Pitches get four more runs in the third with RBI singles from Edgar, Lauren Duchette and John Kelly. A Hincliff RBI double and Edgar two run double give Pitches two more runs as they start to pull away in this one. Pools are not able to string anything in the next couple innings and can only manage to push across a couple of runs for the rest of the game. Pitches have a massive sixth inning pushing another nine runs across and ending this one early. Geyer, Beck, Duchette and Ruth all had RBI singles in the inning. Pitches win 20-4.

Players of the Game:
Pete Edgar (Pitches) – 3/4, BB, 2B, 4 RBI’s

Game#3 – Carrolls vs. Sharks

Sharks come out fast in this one getting four runs in the first inning and seven runs in the second. Tom Finn and Adam Linch get RBI singles in the first and Finn gets an RBI triple in the second. Jeff Pierce had a bases clearing triple in the second as Sharks take an 11-0 lead. Neither team scores in the third. Carrolls finally get on the board in the fourth inning with five runs. Greg Lesher started it with a RBI double followed by a two run double from Kevin Shinkunas and RBI triple from Bryan Bart. They get another two runs in the fifth from a Mike Stacey RBI single and Joslyn Tomlinson sac fly. Sharks tack on four more runs in the sixth to make it a 16-7 game. Steve Reichling, Pierce, Finn and Adam Linch had RBI’s in the inning. Carrolls open up and score three runs on RBI singles from Krysten Marinelli and Stacey, but it would not be enough in this one. Sharks win 16-10.

Player of the Game:
Jeff Pierce (Sharks) – 2/3, 3B, 6 RBI’s

Game #4 –Andy’s vs. Dugout Demons

The last game of the night starts with a Mike Koz RBI single for Andy’s. Demons answer quickly with a Steve Berry sac fly and Joe Tillman RBI single grabbing the one run lead. Andy’s tie the game in the second with a RBI double from Jay Cybok. Koz strikes again in the third with a RBI single followed by a RBI single from Warrant Grant and then a Chase Luxton sac fly. Demons come back again, this time in the fourth with a Jon Poore home run and Bryan Peterman RBI single. Andy’s still holds a one run lead after four innings. Andy’s up their lead again with four more runs in the top of the fifth. Ron Pulli starts it with a RBI double, followed by a Koz RBI triple and Grant sac fly. Demons grab another run in the bottom of the inning from a Berry RBI single, but would struggle as they cannot push any more runs across for the rest of the game. Andy’s add a couple more runs late thanks to a Luxton bomb and will close this game out. Andy’s win 13-5.

Player of the Game:
Mike Koz (Andy’s) – 3/4, 3B, 3 RBI’s

Player of the Week:
Cody Miller (Bry Lex) – 3/4, 2B, 3B, HR, 6 RBI’s

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