Hatfield National Championship

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Hatfield National Championship

Post by Hack24 » Sat Sep 15, 2018 6:01 pm

Game 1 Yum Yum vs Sex Panthers
Yum Yum score 4 in the 1st Travis Galaska with a 2 run single, and 1 in the 3rd on a Ed Crane sac fly, but would go cold rest of game and stick on 5. Sex Panthers would score 2 in 1st Bob Pliszka with a 2 run double, and pull away with 5 in the 3rd Steve Navitsky with a 3 run HR. SP would put game 1 away with 7 in the 4th Jim Lelii with a 2 run double and Pliszka adds a 2 run dinger, as Sex Panthers win game 18-5
Players of the Game
Sex Panthers Bob Pliszka 4-4 HR 5 RBI
Yum Yum Travis Galaska 2-4 2 RBI

Game 2 Sex Panthers vs Yum Yum
Yum Yum never gets going in this game scoring 1 in 1st on a Tim Kulp solo shot and 1 in the 4th on a bases loaded walk, but that would be it. Sex Panthers would stay hot from game 1 and put up 20 as they cruise to victory. SP enjoyed big game 2's from Jom Lelii HR 3 RBI, Troy Ruch HR 4 RBI, and Terry Keller 4-4 4 RBI.
Players of the Game
Sex Panthers Terry Keller 4-4 4 RBI
Yum Yum Tim Kulp 1-3 HR


Congratulations to Sex Panthers the 2018 Summer National Champions

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