Week 4 - Oct. 16th

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Week 4 - Oct. 16th

Post by latincontrol » Fri Oct 19, 2018 8:19 am

Game One: Mike’s Bar & Grill v. Horsham

Mike’s looking to get their season rolling, but with the offense non-existent…it’s another long night. Rob Gilligan scored in the first, Eric Rosenblum scored in the 2nd and Dave Shannon and Jimmy Cooker both scored in the 4th. That’s it. (Give me something to write about 😊)

Horsham on the other hand, got their offense rolling. C. Severio balsted a 2-run homer in the 1st, he then tripled home a run in the 2nd after N. Borini doubled home 2. N. Harman also doubled home 2 runs in the 2nd. Z. Pendergast doubled home 2 more run in the 5th whole B. Severio drove in his 2nd run of the night. Horsham steady attack led to 19 men crossing the plate and an easy victory.

Game Two: Beers v. Vertex

Interesting game here. Vertex scored runs early by plating 3 in the fist and 1 in the 3rd and 4th innings. In the 5th, they really got rolling pushing 7 men across. CJ Snyder started the rally with a solo shot and Matt Schaub capped the inning with bases-clearing double. Matt Crowell then drove in 2 more in the 6th as Vertex plated 16.

But Beers must have really enjoyed their 6-pack before the game and developed ‘beer muscle.’ Not much offense to talk about early save for Ryan Maley’s solo shot in the 3rd, but starting in the 4th…as the saying goes, the wheels fell off for Vertex. A steady attack on offense led to a 12-run 4th inning by Beers. Rider Kaleck doubled home 2 runs, Ryan Maley drove in 2 of his 4 rbi on the night with a double and Connor MacFarlane singled home 2 more immediately thereafter. After Josh Goldberg doubled home the 9th run of the inning, Dakota Kaleck drew a walk and Phil Marks put the exclamation point on the inning with a 3-run blast. Phil added yet another 3-run shot in the 6th with Rider smashing a 2-run shot as Beers finished the night with 32 runs – doubling up Vertex.

Game Three: Just Food v. Pitches Be Crazy

Just Food had ‘just’ a 2-3 night from Connor O’Keefe as the rest of the team struggled offensively. Connor was half the team’s offense scoring 3 of the teams 6 runs. Dave Iatarola doubled and tripled and had 2 ribbies in the first inning.
PBC scored more runs, but in came on the heels of 5 recorded defensive errors. Blasé Cantino drove in 2, Brian Hughes drove in 2 and Ethan Anderson scored 3 times as PBC finished the night with 15 runs and the victory.

Game Four: Toto/Kiefer v/ Slurricanes

Both teams battled with just 9 men of the field, so this would really be a matter of offense. Well, isn’t all of softball a game of offense? Well anyway…

Toto Kiefer crew had John Kiefer at the lead-off spot! He went on to have a 4-6 night with 4 singles, 3 rbi and 3 runs scored. Not bad big man. Jose Rodriguez scored 4 times, Mike Brown drove in 4, and Hackney must have gotten to the game late as he scored twince hitting at end of line up. Toto/Kiefer crew plated 6 runs in the 6th to really put cushion to their lead late. Final inning of the game leading 19-8.

But we did say this was softball and offense should be the given right?
Well, Slurricanes got the memo.
Trailing 19-8, they started a massive rally. Kyle Lockard led off the inning with a double.
• Kyle Auterbach singled – Trailing by 11
• Ant Somma – Reaches on error – Trailing by 11
• Scott McGonigh – Fielder’s choice – Trailing by 10
• CJ Snyder (sub) – singles – Trailing by 9
• Jean Mike – singles – Trailing by 9
• Kevin Somma – singles – Trailing by 7
• Sean Valenza – singles – Trailing by 6
• Chris Keeler – doubles – Trailing by 4
• Kyle Lockard – reaches on error – Trailing by 4
• Kyle Auterback – singles – Trailing by 3
• Ant Somma – SAC FLY – Trailing by 2
• Scott McGonish – singles – Trailing by 1
• CJ Snyder (SUB) – HOME RUN
Cj Snyder proves to be a VERY valuable sub driving in 4 runs in the game including the walk-off 2-run home run and end the night in dramatic fashion.
Slurricanes steal the game 20-19.

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