Quarry: 10/24/18

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Quarry: 10/24/18

Post by codizzle11 » Mon Nov 05, 2018 9:59 am

Game 1: Throwdown vs Mayhem

We had mercy-rule take effect in the very first game of the night. Mike Zahradnick tried to will his team to some runs with his 3 XBH's but unfortunately they just didn't have it in them tonight. Their 8 runs would prove useless in this game as Throwdown played to their namesake. Six XBH's, including an Axle Alecia 2-run dinger, led the way to 26 runs in 5 innings. Everyone in Throwdown's lineup scored on their way to the 26-8 victory.

Game 2: Philly Junk vs Mayhem

Another game, another mercy rule ending. It was a tough night for Mayhem as they would be shoved off the field in a shortened game for the second time. They scored 9 in this one but it wasn't enough to stay close in this one either. Philly Junk exploded for 24 runs in just 4 innings. 11 XBH's which included 2 homers by Shane "el diablo" Hanna "banana" helped lead the way. Chalk up another win for Philly Junk as the hate grows to new levels.

Game 3: Philly Junk vs IDC

Philly Junk kept the good times rolling in the beginning of this game. They had a 14-2 lead after the first 4 innings of play. Included in those 14 runs was another Shane "owns 5 vehicles" Hanna dinger. IDC didn't give up the fight. They saw a gap in Philly Junk's defense and exploited it to the tune of 10 runs across the 5th and 6th innings. Jarret Kearns contributed 2 XBH's and 5 RBI during those 2 innings. KC Ingram pushed the Philly Junk lead back out to 6 runs with his 2-run laser in the top of the 7th. However, destiny had a new name tonight and it was I Don't Care. After a lead off single and two quick outs IDC started their climb. Back to back walks loaded the bases before Tom Koelzer drove 2 of them in with a single and cut the deficit to 4. With 2 on and still 2 out Jarret Kearns unleashed a mammoth homer and cut the lead to 1. The next 2 batters got on via singles before errors ended up getting the best of Philly Junk. They blow the lead but become less hated in the process. IDC wins 17-16.

Game 4: IDC vs TGIF

IDC kept rolling and weren't going to stop for anyone. TGIF did put forth a valiant effort however. They had 8 XBH's but just couldn't string enough hits together to have more than a couple big innings. 7 runs in the 2nd and another 5 in the the 4th was all of their scoring and it wouldn't be enough. IDC's 12 XBH's and 20 runs were too much to handle. Jarret kept driving in runs with another homer and 5 more RBI to bring his total to 13 on the night. IDC takes this one 20-12.

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