Friday Men's 10/19 Stover

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Friday Men's 10/19 Stover

Post by amramunno » Mon Nov 05, 2018 1:01 pm

Game 1: Deplorables v Sons of Pitches

SOP is quiet to start. Three score for the Deplorables on a Kyle Morrow HR to start. Top 2, two cross the plate for SOP. Bottom 2 SOP add 5 more to their lead. Each team adds 1 in 3. Top 4, SOP bats around to add 8, including a HR by Brian Wrigley. Deplorables respond by batting around as well, plating 7, with another 3 run Morrow HR. SOP doesn't score in 5 or 6. Bottom 5, Deplorables add 3 (another Morrow HR) and they add 6 more in 6 to close it out. Deplorables win, 20-11.

Game 2: Deplorables v Nine Inch Males

NIM doesn't score in 1 or 2. Bottom 1, Deplorables put up 3 and add 2 in 2 on a Kyle Weiss HR. Two reach for NIM in 3. Bottom 3, Deplorables put up 3. NIM doesn't score in 4, 5 or 6. Bottom 4, Deplorables score 4, with back to back HRs by Wilson Miller & Shawn Hines. Bottom 5, they add 1 and add 3 more in bottom 6. Top 7, NIM try to make a tun and put up 5, with HRs by Tony Cabot and Chris Hackney, but it isn't enough. Deplorables win, 14-7.

Game 3: Shockers v Nine Inch Males

Two score for NIM to start. Shockers respond with 2 of their own. Top 2, NIM have a big inning, plating 7, with HRs by Sean Nonemacher and John Keifer. Bottom 2, Shockers add 1. Neither team scores in 3. NIM is quiet in 4. Bottom 4, Shockers add 3. Top 5, 4 more cross for NIM. Bottom 5, Shockers plate 2. NIM have another inning in 6, plating 6, with a Keifer grand slam. Bottom 6, Jake Engleman solos for the Shockers. NIM don't score in 7. Bottom 7, Jordan Force hits a solo HR and that wraps this match up. NIM win, 19-10.

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