11/11/18 - Ship

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11/11/18 - Ship

Post by shaners30 » Mon Nov 26, 2018 8:35 pm

Game 1 Keifer 15 - Outback 14
Outback started off on base with error and a 2 rbi hit by Maylan. Keifers followed up with a 1-2-3. Stevens lead off 2nd with a double - few hits and Outback puts up 6. Jay Pane helps out with a solo shot in the bottom - 6-1 heading into 3rd. A 1-2-3 by outback opened the doors for Keifers to string a few hits together - double by Hackney scores one of 3 and Keifers closes gap 3-8. Pair of 3 and outs by both teams in the 4th. Solo shot for Beck in the 5th puts Outback in lead 9-4 heading their way into 6th. 3 runs for Keifers courtesy of Hackney 2 run likely insider keeps the deficit. Outback answers the 6th with 3 of their own on a pairs of sac flys and few hits. Keifers ends monster 6th inning scoring 7 runs on a barrage of hits, doubles by Payne and Jay taking the lead 14-12 Maylan and Robinson added the last 2 hits for Outback in the 7th which eventually turned into 2 runs tying game. Bottom of the 7th Penecale doubles with 1 down get the game winning run on Mike Cs walk off single.

Game 2 - Keifer 16 - Outback 9
Hackney double, followed by 6 of 7 for hits gets Keifers started up 7-0. Outback scores 2 on a SchiB dinger. Rich doubles to start the 2nd and scores via Marks single and outback doesnt answer 8-2. Quite 3rd for Keifers, Single by Larry scored on Rich single brings 1 in for Outback in the 3rd. Rich, Chris triple single scores 2 for Keifers and Outback answered with a 3 run inning. Few singles and sac flys scores 2 for Keifers in the 5th and Outback answers with a single, 1-2-3 inning. 12- 6 Keifer lead into the 6th. A 1-2-3 on Keifers to start 6th opened a chance for Outback but they followed with a single 1-2-3 of their own. Keifers addes to lead with a trio of singles, fc and error scores 4 to leave 16 on the board. Bottom of 7 needing 10 to tie, 3 hits lead off the rally for Outback but falls short as next 3 of 4 fly out to end the game.

Keifers take the championship

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