Friday Men's Playoffs 11/23

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Friday Men's Playoffs 11/23

Post by amramunno » Wed Dec 12, 2018 9:07 am

Thanks for your patience, y'all. Here you go!

Game 1: Dirty Dozen v Nine Inch Males

NIM goes down 1-2-3 to start. DD goes scoreless in 1-4. One scores for NIM in 2. Top 3, they bat around and plate 5, helped by a Jose R. triple. Top 4, one crosses the plate. Top 5, they can't make anything happen. Bottom 5, DD has one cross the plate to get on the board. Top 6, NIM add 2 to their lead. Bottom 6, DD comes alive and bats through the line up, putting up 8 runs to tie it up, nearly all on singles. Top 7, Tony C walks for NIM and will score to take the lead. Bottom 7, two cross for DD for a come from behind win. DD wins, 11-10.

Game 2: Sons of Pitches v Shockers
SOP wins by forfeit.

Game 3: Deplorables v Dirty Dozen

DD put up 2 to start. Deplorables bat around and put up 5. DD goes down 1-2-3 in 2. Bottom 2, Deplorables put up 2. This game ends early, DD forfeits. Deplorables win, 7-2.

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