Friday Men's Finals 11/30/18

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Friday Men's Finals 11/30/18

Post by amramunno » Wed Dec 12, 2018 9:21 am

Game 1: Deplorables v Sons of Pitches

SOP start the series plating 2. Deplorables are unable to score in 1. Keith Bauer triples and will score for SOP. Bottom 2, Deplorables get on the board, putting up 3, with a double by Tom Banes. SOP adds one more in the top of 3. Deplorables are quiet in 3 and neither team scores in 4. Top 5, SOP goes down 1-2-3. Bottom 5, Deplorables add 3, helped by a Kyle Morrow HR. Top 6, SOP has a big inning, plating 5. Deplorables add 3 more in 6. Top 7, a Dan Banner HR brings in 3 for SOP. Bottom 7, Shawn Hines triples and scores on a single by Kyle Morrow. A Mike Banes HR brings in 2 to tie it. Jim Kennedy blasts a solo to end the first game. Deplorables win, 13-12.

Game 2: Sons of Pitches v Deplorables

Deplorables pick up where they left off, plating 4, with a Shawn Hines HR. SOP responds with 2, on a Brian Wrigley HR. Top 2, they add 4 more. Bottom 2, six cross the plate for SOP, with a Dan Benner HR. Top 3, Deplorables add another 4, with a Kyle Weiss 3 run HR. SOP add 1 in the third. Top 4, four more cross the plate for Deplorables. SOP bats through the order for 6, including another Benner HR. Top 5, one reaches. Bottom 5, SOP also adds 1. Top 6, Deplorables add one more to take the lead. Bottom 6, SOP doesn't score.
Top 7, they go down 1-2-3. Last chance for SOP, but they can't make anything happen in bottom 7. Deplorables win the game and the fall title, 18-17.

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