From The Gutter / Week 5

Softball America Off-Season Bowling League
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From The Gutter / Week 5

Post by sixofdiamonds » Sun Jan 06, 2019 8:30 am

Less than a week’s worth of bowling points separate the top and bottom seeds in both the East and West Divisions. North and South teams are a little more spread out.

Finger Poppin over Incredibowls 5-2. Ho-hum bowling on both sides of the rack.

Gutter Humiliation takes 5 from Wu Tang on 3 strong from Gary K. Katie W. tosses 3 over for WTF.

Pin Splitters top a shorthanded Dirtballs 5-2. Nothing to speak of with respect to individual achievements.

A rare tie for total wood gives Split Happens a 4.5-2.5 win over JPH in another case of ‘nobody did nothin’ special’.

West leading Suds takes 5 of 7 from The Nines in spite of a pair of deuces from Dave Ward. Jeff O. with a 235.

In the battle of the heads, Big Heads ekes by Split Heads 4-3. More ho-hum bowling.

Straight Shooters top Little Lebowski 5-2. Dan Geiger with a 54-over 207.

PPB makes puts a whoopin’ on the Bowling Stones with a 7-zip win.

Splits & Giggles also got in on the sweep with a 7-0 beat down of Shut Up and Roll.

PC Squared bests I Can’t Believe it’s Not Gutter 5-2 on 3 games over by Patricia Motts.

South leading 3 Fingers Deep shuts down the Pocket Pounders 7-0 on the strength of John Zeits 3 games over.

North leading Glory Bowl takes 5 from Pete Rose as Adam L and John E toss a pair of deuces.

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