Friday Men's 11/03/20

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Friday Men's 11/03/20

Post by amramunno » Mon Nov 09, 2020 3:57 pm

Game 1: The Generals v American Legion

AL gets on the board early with 2. Generals go scoreless.AL bats around in 2 and adds 7 to their lead. For Generals, Adam Gingerich walks and is brought in on a single by Brian Sharkey. They don't score in 3, 4, or 5. AL adds 2 in the top of 3 and bats around again in 4 for 6 more, including a 2 run HR for Shawn Hines. They don't score in the 5th. Top 6, AL adds 5 more, with a big grand slam by Dan Powell. Generals plate one in the bottom of 6 and that ends this game. AL wins, 20-2.

Game 2: Nine Inch Males v Dirty Dozen

Dirty Dozen forfeits.

Game 3: Benchwarmers v Sons of Pitches

SOP remain scoreless for the first 3 innings. BW come out swining, batting around for 7 in the first. They pile on with 4 more, including a solo HR by Rich Hunter in the 2nd. Bottom 3, two more score on a HR by Jake Haber. They don't score the rest of the game. Top 4. SOP get on the board with one. They add one more in the 5th and then also go scoreless in 6 & 7. BW win, 13-2.

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