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League MVP Candidates / Spring 2023

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League MVP candidates for the spring season are now posted on the Softball America website. You can click here...

League MVP Candidates/Spring 2023

...or use the 'League Statistics' drop-down box on the Softball America home page.

To qualify as a candidate for offensive MVP, a minimum of 21 plate appearances (at-bats + walks + sac flies) is required by core and all-stars --18 for male and female eddies.

MVP candidates are chosen by statistical formula. The formula takes into account runs scored, runs batted in, total hits, singles, doubles, triples, home runs, bases on balls, and batting average. Offensive MVPs will be awarded in both A and B Divisions.

Team and league leaders throughout the year are sorted (for simplicity's sake) by batting average. While your name may be in the upper echelon in league or team leaders throughout a given season that does not necessarily mean you will be nominated as a candidate for MVP. One must look at all relevant categories when measuring their performance against others - not just batting average.

MVP winners will be first announced in the Softball America Year In Review magazine. The magazine will be posted and available for download at some point in January.

Certificates for MVP winners will be awarded upon request only. In years past I would print out certificates for each and every MVP winner - a daunting task when you consider the total number and variety of MVP winners. Most times, less than half the MVPs cared to claim their cert. Now I make certificates available upon request only. If a league certificate is important enough to a league member to request it, it is important enough for me to put it together, list the stat line that produced the MVP, and laminate it.

Congrats to all MVP candidates.
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