Monday Evening Coed / Summer 2024

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Monday Evening Coed / Summer 2024

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The official Monday Evening Coed schedule for the Summer 2024 season is now posted. We will play the summer season with 5 teams competing in the A Division and 8 teams competing in the B Division. There will be slight interleague play. The top 4 seeds in the A division will move to the A post season. The top 6 (5 if Concerts in the Park get moved to the playoff week) will move to the B post season.

Access the schedule from the main Softball America webpage or click here... Monday Evening Coed

A Division
Team 1: Wackers
Mgr. Bill Brancato
Team 2: Poco’s
Mgr. Jeff Hess
Team 3: Mott-ley Crew
Mgr. Jonathan Duchette
Team 4: Knuckleheads
Mgr. John Schofield
Team 5: Altek Hard Drivers 215-721-9355
Mgr. Scott Flaherty

B Division
Team 6: Wehrung’s Lumber
Mgr. Alex Poniktera
Team 7: Mean Machine
Mgr. Mike Pinelli
Team 8: The Runs
Mgr. Matt Kovaleski
Team 9: The Maize at Winding Brook
Mgr. Bob Garges
Team 10: Carroll’s Jewelers 215-345-6277
Mgr. Kevin Shinkunas
Team 11: Quality Landscape
Mgr. Phil McCusker
Team 12: The Sillies
Mgr. Josh Owens
Team 13: Dominick's Pizza Pub
Mgr. Donna Finlayson/Paul Hensler
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