Wednesday Evening Open / Summer 2024

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Wednesday Evening Open / Summer 2024

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The official Wednesday Evening Open schedule for the Summer 2024 season is now posted. Access the schedule from the main Softball America webpage or click here... Wednesday Evening Open

A Division
Team 1: Tap Daddy's
Mgr. John Gambone
Team 2: Red Stallion
Mgr. Dom Anzideo
Team 3: The Gabagools
Mgr. Anthony Lacorte/Nick Geraghty
Team 4: Muckdogs
Mgr. Jeff Hess
Team 5: Team Glowcharge
Mgr. Sam Griffin
Team 6: Wackers
Mgr. Constantine Georgiadis/Scott Flaherty
Team 7: Warriors
Mgr. Steve Massey

B Division
Team 8: Did We Win
Mgr. Sean Pena
Team 9: Disciples
Mgr. Richard Hall
Team 10: Mayhem
Mgr. Dave Demko
Team 11: Mashed Taters
Mgr. Anthony Latronica
Team 12: The Cheaters
Mgr. Robert Ridenour
Team 13: Ohtani’s Bookies
Mgr. Kevin Barci
Team 14: Yard Ducks
Mgr. Steve Siliani
Team 15: Clinchers
Mgr. Jason Hertz
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