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Q - How can I enter myself into a league?
A - The easiest way to enter a league in Softball America is as a free agent. There is no cost to become a free agent. You can enter alone or with a friend. Fill out and submit a Free Agent Form. As managers in the league need players, the Free Agent Wire is the first place they look. If entering with a friend, please make a note accordingly in the comment box at the bottom of the form.

Q - How can I enter my team into a league?
A - There are 2 steps you must take to enter a team into a league. First, you must fill out and submit a Full Team Form. Second, if a spot opens in the league your team is interested in, you will then be required to remit a 2-player league fee deposit to secure the open spot. You can remit league fees via our secure on-line League Fee Form or in person at the Eureka Quarry Ball Field.

If the league(s) you are interested in do not have an opening, your team will be placed on a list for entry into the next available opening. When an opening becomes available you will be contacted by a league official.

Q - How much does it cost to play?
A - League fees are $80.00 per player, per league, per season. League fees must be remitted BEFORE a player can take the field.

Q - What constitutes one season?
A - We play 3 seasons per year – Spring, Summer, and Fall. Each season is made up of 12 weeks consisting of 8 regular season weeks, 2 rainout weeks, and 2 weeks for playoffs. The Sping season usually runs mid/late March to early/mid June. The Summer season usually runs early/mid June to late August/early September. The Fall season usually runs late August/early September to late October/early November.

Q - Are there any hidden costs?
A - There are no hidden costs. After your league fee is satisfied, just show up and play.

Q - What if I pay league fees and can’t play?
A - League fees are non-transferable and non-refundable after Game 2 of any season. League fees paid in advance can be transferred to a different league/season. League fees paid in advance are also refundable..

Q - Why does it cost more for less games than in other leagues?
A - At Softball America the focus is on quality, not quantity – and quality is expensive. Being a private enterprise (unlike government, state, county, township, or church leagues) Softball America receives no subsidies. League fee cost is predicated upon, but not limited to, the following amenities: league management on a 24/7 basis keeps things organized and running smoothly. League standings along with team and personal statistics in 19 different categories are tracked, cumulated, and posted each and every week for each and every team and league member. The same holds true for the post season and tournament play. Statistics in 25 different categories are cumulated on a yearly and career basis for each Softball America league member. Most Valuable Player candidates are formulated and posted at the end of each season. Player Of The Year candidates are posted at the end of each softball year. MVP and POTY winners are announced in our exclusive Softball America Year In Review magazine. Championship Archives follow player/team titles from year to year. Our extensive Softball America website is maintained and updated daily. League journalists write weekly recaps of every game in every league in our online SBA Magazine. Our private message board keeps league members up to date on all sorts of topics ranging from softball equipment and local tournaments to pro sports. 24/7 Game Line to call for weekly schedules and game rainouts. Groundskeeping - every ball field is manicured before each day's/evening's games. Our exclusive Free Agent Wire gives team managers access to hundreds of ball players looking for a team along with the flexibility to add new players as needed. Team liability insurance is included in your league fee. Championship teams receive custom shirts for each roster member and the team manager/sponsor receives a championship plaque. Subsidized events such as our year-end awards banquets, ocean fishing charters, golf outings, Hagey bus jaunts, softball and horseshoe tournaments, off-season bowling, and so much more are a commonplace occurrence. As one manager recently put it, "It’s not just great softball, it’s an event!”.


Q - What kind of softball format do you play?
A - All games are of slow pitch format. Pitchers are required to pitch the ball within a 6' to 14' range measured from the ground. All batters begin their at-bat with a 1 ball and 1 strike count.

Q - Are there any equipment restrictions?
A - The safety and integrity of the game are of paramount importance to us. As a result, Softball America has one of the most stringent bat restriction policies of any softball league.  The use of any bat other than a straight single material/single wall is strictly prohibited by other than male/female eddies. Obviously, composite bats of any kind are prohibited. Our league bat list is located here... Bat List.

Q - Where are the games played?
A - All games are played in and around Central Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Maps to various ball fields are listed here... Ball Field Maps.

Q - What times are the games played?
A - Weeknight game times are 6:30, 7:00, 7:45, 8:15, 9:00, 9:30, and 10:15 depending on the ball field. Sunday morning games are 9:00, 10:15, 11:30, and 12:45. Sunday afternoon games are 2:30, 3:45, 5:00, and 6:15.

Q - As an ASA sanctioned league that abides by ASA rules, are there any local league rules I need to know about?
A - Once again, to maintain the safety and integrity of the game, numerous local league rules have been instituted which supercede those of the ASA.

Q - Is there a run rule or time limit on games?
A - All games shall terminate after 5 innings if a team is leading by 15 runs or more, 4 innings if by 20 runs or more.  All games with the exception of the 2/3 Finals shall be subject to the 75-minute time rule.

Q - Are games in a certain league played on a certain day?
A - Each league is scheduled to play on a certain day of the week from week to week. If you sign up to play Wednesday Evening Coed, all of your games will be scheduled for Wednesday evening. However, that does not mean all of your games will ultimately be played on a Wednesday evening. Each schedule has a strict set of scheduling guidelines in the event ball fields become unplayable and games need to be rescheduled. This may, or may not, include playing on a Saturday afternoon. For a sample league schedule, click here... Wednesday Evening Coed/Summer.



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